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 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

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  I am uncertain about his name being Robert as the newspaper was very old and tattered. I got Robert from the only letters readable ... "Rob".   barbara

Son of Lyman County Woman Awarded Medal

    Robert(?) Miller, son of Mrs. George Hollenback residing south of Kennebec, serving with the Medical Aidin the 67th Armored Regiment, has been awarded the Silver Star Medal for gallantry in action at Gertenstadt, Germany. He is 27 years of age and entered military service from California and had previously been awarded the Bronze Star Medal. The commanding officer, Wilson M. Hawkins, sends us the following report:

    March 22, 1945, Pvt. Miller was acting as aid man to a force moving down the road to clear the town of Gartenstadt. As the force reached the crossroad a tank was set afire by artillery fire. Pvt. Miller went to the tank and assisted the tank commander in removing the remaining two crew members from the light tank. Both the rescued men were ablaze and the ammunition in the tank was exploding, buy Pvt. Miller remained beside the tank long enough to extinguish the flames on the two men.
    The dismounted patrol which the tank had been covering continued on into the town under the direction of the platoon leader, but Pvt. Miller remained at the crossroads under continuing artillery fire to evacuate the two wounded men to safety. When he returned to the second man he was observed to be knocked down several times by concussion of artillery shells, but he continued until both men were in a covered position.
     Pvt. Miller was not injured during this action.




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