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 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
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 Buddies in Korea of Bill Post Write Grandparents  Nov. 1950

    The following letter received by Mrs. Nelson and later relayed to Mr. and Mrs. John Post, Reliance, is self-explanatory telling of the death of their grandson who met his death on the Korean War Front:
    Dearest Mrs. Nelson: I guess you will be somewhat surprised to hear from us, but we are buddies of your son William who was in our platoon at the time of his death. And we would like for you to know that we thought, and still think, of of Wm. as a hero who has paid the price of war.
    He was killed on a mountain where we were being overrun by the enemy. He was in his foxhole with one of his buddies when a grenade fell into their hole. William made a lunge for the grenade, but before he could throw it from his hole, it exploded and he was killed. His buddy was badly  wounded and is now in Tokyo army hospital in Japan.
    We though we would let you know how it was and we would like to express our thanks for the books you sent to our company.
    We sincerely hope we haven't done the wrong thing by telling you this. If so, please forgive us.
    Sincerely yours,  Men of the 1st Platoon




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