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 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
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  Rigney, Bernie   
U.S. Marines -- Honolulu, Hawaii           Puuloa Point  Rifle Range          June 29, 1940
                                         To his grandmother, Mrs. J.A. Schumacher

 Dear Grandma:
    I think that I might owe you a letter so I will use this afternoon as it is a day of rest and get caught up on my correspondence.
    Weather is really nice. Skies clear. Perfect for firing the rifle. I did alright with the pistol and Browning rifle on the short course.  I made Expert on the B.A.R. 300 is excellent and I was able to hold it for a score of 341, the second-highest in the detachment. Doing alright with the rifle and should have a big year this time and get in the money.
    Well, a big part of the fleet has left for places unknown at this date, but I guess that everyone except us have a good idea.
    The ship has just finished machine gun school and came into port last Thursday. It will be in port until we go out to fire short-range in mid-summer unless we are called to war before that time.
    Well, if I didn't tell you, I have made my first-rate and am now making close to $55.00 a month counting my clothing allowance which I will get at the end of this cruise. We will fire the rifle Wednesday for record and I can pick up an extra $5.00 a month. 315 out of a possible 350 also Bar and Rifle are fired 10 shots from 600 yards ; 10 shots slow fire at 500: 10 shots rapid fire at 500; 10 shots slow fire at sitting and kneeling 5 each; 10 shots at rapid fire standing in 1 minute and 10 seconds, this also at 300 yards; last to shoot off-hand at 20 plus 10 shots rapid fire in one minute, standing to sitting. A guy is pretty tired of shooting before he gets done, but I would stand a lot for $5 a month more.
    I hope you all enjoy the best of health and happiness.
I'll be seeing you soon,
Love, Bernie



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