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 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
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  Roth, Harry
   To parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Roth from France     February 1945

    Received your very nice and most welcomed letter yesterday, but was unable to answer right away due to the fact that we are kept pretty busy, so will take time this afternoon and get a letter off to you.
    The weather has been terrible here this past week, have had plenty of snow, but it did turn out fairly warm the last two days and melted a lot of the snow. The water has been running all night and day, so if it keeps up there won't be much snow left in a few more days. It hasn't been so cold the past week except for a couple of night, but we lived through that and guess we can stand more of it and colder ones if it has to be. However, don't get me wrong, we certainly do not want anymore. Ha. We get along very well with the nice weather we have been having.
    I have several thing I am going to send home in about a week so you can see what I've been doing since I have been over here. I was awarded the Bronze Star today for work we performed the forepart of January under fire. I feel very proud and honored to have it.
    You asked if I had received any of the packages you have sent me. Well I'm sorry to say I have not gotten any only one from Bertha which arrived about a week ago. I am rather anxious to get them, but maybe they got lost or will arrive in the near future, at least I hope they do. How many packages you sent I am wondering, and that letter from Emil, well, that has not arrived also. Perhaps the ship went down they was on.
    We are not doing a great deal of moving at present; just holding the ground we now have. Of course, it's been such awful weather that it was almost impossible, but I am glad we are in one place for a while. It is a little easier on the nerves.
    I'll ring off now. Best  of luck and hello to everybody. Send my watch as soon as it is finished.

Kennebec soldier honored

    Technician Fifth Grade Harry Roth, Headquarters Company, Second Battalion Infantry. For heroic service in action in connection with military operations against the enemy near Gros, Rederching, France on Jan. 4, 1945. Technician Roth was a member of a wire party and was assigned the difficult hazardous mission of laying wire to front line companies while the area was being subjected to constant and heavy artillery fire. At one time, enemy concentrations were so intense that the Battalion Commander ordered the withdrawal of this party. These men, however, remained at their task for another two hours until it was accomplished.
    Technician Roth's courage, perseverance and exemplary devotion  to duty reflect great credit on himself and the military service. Roth entered military service from Kennebec, South Dakota




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