Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy


 Military Letters, WWII

As found in old newsletters.
Transcribed by barbara stallman-speck

Restored   Thursday, March 04, 2010 

Raymond Stallman's WWII Letters
These were found in Aunt Victoria Stallman's treasures after she passed away and I want to share them, too.  

Posted Thursday, March 04, 2010

As you read these letters, please remember he is full-blood German and many of his words are spelled as they are spoken in the family. As I read these,
I remember hearing the German dialect so familiar to all of us who grew up Stallman. In some instances I am making notes in Italics to eliminate any confusion.  barbara
Anyone interested in having a copy of these letters, please feel free to copy and paste.   barbara


                          Aberdeen Md    July 30, 1942 
Dear Mother,
Well Ma, I guess youíll be surprised to hear where I am at. I am way down on the east coast. I am in the improving grounds. Got here
last night. We were 38 hours on the train and it was a fast train.  Iím feeling fine and I think this army life is going to be good. I gained
about 10 pound since I left home. I donít know where Clarence Kenobbie is or France Cullen. France was supposed to leave the same day
I did, but I donít know which way he went. Iíve sure seen a lot of the country since I left home.  Well, we were put on detail work this
morning. I think Iím going to school here for 13 weeks. I think I should be purty good on machine work when I get let out of here. I think I
am lucky to get in here. The Srg. just got done saying that only the upper two percent of the boys get here. That made me feel good.
My address is Co. A  3RD INGN  Aberdeen, Maryland. You got to write my name, Raymond C. Stallman. I will write more when I get
through. It sure is a big camp.
                       The Ordnance Training Center  Aberdeen Proving Ground  Maryland  Aug. 6, 1942 
Dear Sis and Bro.
Received your letters tonight and was glad to hear from you. I am in good shape and having a good time. I washed my fetigle clotd (fatigue clothes) tonight. That is our everyday clotd. That is the only thing I donít like about the army. There is six of us in a privet room. We can keep the light on as long as we please and the rest got to turn theirs off at 9 oíclock.
I canít tell you everything we see or do here, itís against the rule. They sure are putting us through the mills. We have to learn more in three weeks than the rest of the camp. They only put the best in here. The Corp. told us that only the top 2% of the men get in here,  I think I get to go to school for eight weeks and then I donít know where theyíll send me. Think it will be some replacement center over X.
   They are trying to learn me how to march and I canít keep in step. You ought to see us in some of the marches. They call off different steps like left march and we have to turn left and we have to take maybe 10 steps that way and then they call right march and we go to the right. Well there are about 70 of us green horns in the platoon and when they get done calling they cal halt and we should all be straight in a row and you should see the boys. They are like a bunch of people together. Tonight they give us exercises and we should do it by count and all together. This was better than a circus the way we try to keep time.
  Here is one I forgot to tell you about. We went on a 2 Ĺ mile hike and when we got there it was in the woods. They had a pen fenced off in there. They call it the steeplechase and we should start out in there and come out where it said and we didnít know which way to go. There was about 10 or 15 in the first bunt (bunch), but the first thing we had to go true water about 3 feet deep and then they had log digger low fence. We start out and we went like hell true the water and some of them fell down in it. Me and another kid was in the lead. Well we jump the wooden fence  and got out of the pen and the rest followed. The Corp. seen it right away and started to cal us back, but we did not hear him but it didnít take us long before we knew we were lost so we turn around and went back in and then we went the long way and when we got back did the rest of the boys laugh. Then the Corp  took the lead in the next bunt (bunch). He had his sun tans on. That is our dress suit. He got wet too.
  Well we are going on another hike tomorrow with our bean gun. Well if I write all I seen and done since I left home I could write a book.
I am sure glad that you sent that money to the S&M Finance. Say Albert, did you get a check from the government for the storage of the W.S. pickup. If I didnít, see Zeke King and tell him to put the last month pay in my name to say I forgot to give Gaede 2.00 for resale taxes. If you will do it, I would appreciate it. Say, how much did you give Don Hamiel? I owe him $16.05 because he got five gal of gas out of it.  Well how is the old Ford cooling? Did Albert get his fix?
    I think I will close. It hard writing on my belly on my bed.  Your bro, Pvt Ray.  My address is on the envelope.
Dear Mother and all,
Just a few lines to let you know that Iím still alive and feeling fine. I got a week and a half of training to go yet. Iím laying around and waiting for my  name to be call for caden school. That is for to see if I am good enough to be a Corp.
Well I got back from Baltimore Sunday night OK and that is a big town to most of the town I was in. They sure treat the soldier boys well and when I get my first check from the army I think I go to New York City for a weekend. I donít know yet if I stay here or go someplace else. I will let you know.
Well today is the 21st of Aug and I didnít have time to finish this letter before we been going to lecture the last few day. Last night we was to a auto mechanic and I was going to see if I can get a past for Saturday and Sunday again. A friend of mine got out of the hospital today and he want me to go along.
Well I got your letter today and was glad to hear from you. Didnít you get two letter and a card from here and that packig? Well I got a letter from Frances about two week ago and she told me that you didnít know where I was yet. Well I took a some insurance at Ft. Levenworth and band stand and I am going to sent the paper as soon as I find out if mail go through right. Say you said you got my picture. Well there is three of them in that frame. You can give one to Albert and Ann and one to Fred or keep all of them. Well I will close because we got to turn the light off at eleven oíclock. With love your son, Ray
P.S.  Iím going to sent my letter by air mail from now on. We canít get stamp here but one of the Serg is going to town tonight and get me some.
They sure are pounding a lot of stuff in our heads and they tell the quite we learn the better weíll be off. But they are having a hell of a time trying to learn me to march. I take too big a step. We took a 2 Ĺ mile march out to the wood then we had a steeplechase that was like the old days but better. Every night we get to put our sun tan suit on before we eat. Well the Lt. Serg gave us a inspect yesterday and when he was checking my clothes he saw that my belt was getting too short and he asked why they gave me a belt that was too short in Leavenworth and I said it wasnít too short when they gave it to me. I said I gain about 12 to 15 pound. So I got a new belt. I wear a 36
now so I think I get a 40 in belt. They sure got the stuff here. My address is on the envelope. I made a mistake on the rest but it get here anyway because I got the right company on it. Your son, Raymond C.

Baltimore, Md. Sept 6, '42  

Dear Mother and all,
Just laying around in the club room this afternoon. Well I move last night to a different part of the camp. I am in Co. B 7th now. I start my school in the morning. I donít know how long they keep me in there but it donít make no difference on my address because the company commander knows where I go. You should see us move. We put everything in two big bags and toss it on our back and start off with it. It weighs about 120 pound. We carry it about two mile but isnít so hard. We was on one trip last week and we had a lot of fun there. We went swimming every night and I was the lifeguard. There were six of us. The rest go in for 30 minutes all them out and the life guard go in, but we could stay in longer and go out farther in the bay and we could take the row boat too The only thing I didnít
like about that trip was that we had to sleep on the hard ground in our little pup tent and the mosquitos was bad. About half of the guys got poison Ivory when we went through the wood. I think they could just about turn me loose any place and I could find my way back now. We learned how to get around in a strong wood and hilly country.
Well I hear you got company from Iowa. The Weber and aunts Soper (Sophie ?) is along. How does she like Dak.? I suppose you is done combine by now. They donít  have no farm land in this country. I only saw two horse since I left home, no chicken or cow. The grass donít do very good here either.
 I got a letter from Frances and she told me that you had the Iowa people there and got a letter from Cyrill Reiling too. I donít know how she got my address. I will close.  This pen isnít so good what they give us. Here everybody used them.  The same as ever, Your son, Ray
Sept. 21, 1942 
Dear Ma and all,
 Just a note to let you know that I am fine and still gaining waite. I started out with a 36 in belt and that just got too short so I got a 40 inch and I got only a inch to go. I donít know how much I wait now. The last time I waite 165 pound but I am sure I will beet 170 by now so that isnít bad.
Well it be two month tomorrow since I left home but it donít seem that long. The time going fast since I started school. I am in the Specially Velator, that is army car. Iím  sure glad I got in the Ord. Training Camp. Donít do no marching no more.  Well did you get the big Company picture and could you fine me? My name is Raymond, S.C..  on it. I wrote it wrong on the card. When I get home Iíll show you al of my friends on it.
So did you get any of my Deferr Bond paper or stamp alot (yet?). They say they sent it to you. I am senting the received (receipt) home and you can put it in with the rest  of my paper or keep them yourself. Well what did Ben have to say about being in the army? I bet he had a line. Will close, the light is going out. Your son, Raymond
P.S.  Well the light went out before I finit (finished) last night so I tell you what I done today. We study the difference kind of brake that are on car and truck and how they work. I be here at least three week yet anyway. Then I hope they sent me to Calf. They got a new Ord. Camp there. If they do I am going to see if I could get a few day off to come home. But they donít say anything until the day before.

Dear Mother and all,
Received your letter today and was glad to here that you are all well out there. Iím feeling fine and is getting heaver (heavier) every week. I wade myself the other day and I wade 170 pound. That is I gain 21 pound since I got in the army.  I got two tooth pull Saturday. The one in front that was loose and the one which was dekay for a long time.
I am sure doing good in my school work. I got an average of 90 in my test and like it. Went I get through with it there wonít be a peace of a car that I wonít be able to fix. We are learning about battise (batteries) and electrical now. I got seven day left in back shop then we go on another bevaioca (bivouac) for three days. That will be two more night in our pup tent.  I donít suppose they tell you about the weather out here but today is the first cool day we had and it was 45 above. It would be that cold, but they had snow in Ill. The termoler (thermometer) drop to 20 above and the wind was in the north west all day.
   Well how is Ive O Tool now. Is she alwrite again or is she still skinny. I hope she is OK. I wrote her a letter yesterday. Guess who was here to visit us yesterday?  None other that Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt. She sure is a big lady and ugly. And today we had another visitor, the Gov. of Maryland and another big shot. I think there was about 30,000 of us standing there to hear the speech.
Well it take about 5 to 8 day for me to get your mail. You see I am in a difference company now.  Well I got a surprise the other day. Lawrence wrote me a letter. I guess he want to know how the army is. Its OK ash for ash. Iím getting a lot of fall education which I wouldnít got at home.  Say is Paul till using my car? If he want to  keep on using it I could make a deal with him. So you can let me know what is what. Will close, Your son, Ray  As everly

Dec -2-42 
Dear Sis and all,
Received the start of a book you wrote to me. Well I am still fine but feel a little stiff today. Was to a dance in Baltimore last night. Had all of the eating and drinking free but the dance ticket was $2.00. and that was bad but on the way back on the bus I went to  sleep and when I woke up my good Garrison hat was gone. They only cost $3.50. Anyway we had a good time. It been raining for the last two week. Tonight it snow a little bit and turn cold. I think I dig down to the bottom of my barrack bag and  get my G. I. longer (long johns) in the morning.
Well I got a letter from Tinnie (Teenie Kenobbie) the offer (other) day. He say he was in the hospital but not what for.
Well I only got three week left after this one and am I glad. They make the class stuffer all the time. Was on the electrical last week and this week we got carburetor, a difference kind each day. Our instruck (instructor)told us today that our class is good since we been here. You see we really donít fine out our grade but I was sitting beside him when he put mind down. If we get below 80 we have to go to night school 3 hrs ever night for a week. There is only 9 of us and he say we will all gragurlation (graduate) with good grade and I think that I be a Sgt. then and then I get ship out. I hope west. I mike get a chance to stop at home maybe then.
I think I stay in camp the rest of the month so if I do get a leave I have a little money to go on. They held some of it back last month. Well I got one war bomb bought already and start on the next.  What do you mean about a nice Thanksgiving. Donít you know that I am till in the army. One day is just like the after. Anyway we did have a great turkey with ice cream and cupcake, a glass of cider and cranberry and I donít know if I get off for Xmas. That be our last day of school. They mike give us a test a day early, I hope so. Well this life is like South Dakota - alway living on hope.
Say I am sending a letter I got from a girl in Ill. I donít know her. She send some stuff to me on my birthday so I thank her for it and put a little bull shit  with it and I been getting a letter every week from her. You should saw the answer I wrote to her and I am going to get a picture of a huge girl and put her name behind it and sent it and tell her she donít look so good. I used to go with her sister-in-law back in Iowa in 1934.  Love, Ray
Dec. 6, 1942  Dear Mother and all,
Well I received your letter today which you mail Nov. 14 and the after day I got two letter that was mail Oct. 26. We got a poor mail sivere (service) here. Well it cool off here a little bit. It about 30 above or more, but it feel like 10 above.  And I am doing OK in school so far. It is a pretty stiff course but the next three week be easier. It work which Iíve done before so I think I will make it OK. Any way I am right in there with the best. I got in one of the best course in school. 
Well I hear Hank made purty good  on his corn in Iowa. Say I am going to sent a box of stuff home one of these day of all my test paper and you can let Paul look at them but I want to keep them and check over some of the stuff when I get home which I donít think will be long. The time past pretty fast here. It wonít be long before Christmas and that the day I graguralate  (graduate) from school, if they donít send me some place for more school which I donít care but I would like to get out of this country. I seen all of the east I want to. I
want to go wet but my chance will be slim. They ship me to some place I donít want to go but I can take it. Well I donít know of much new.   
This is the third week I am staying in just to save on my billfold just in case a merle (miracle) happen after school is out. I been back to Phillie a few time since but I didnít get to see Mrs.  Bob Lowestuter. She is a nice lady and they are a nice couple. He mike have to go to the army too. Will close, Cpl. Ray,  7th P.O.T.C  Aberdeen Proving Gd, Maryland  p.s.  Did you get those pictures  of me and the boy in basic training?

Dec - 19- 42  Transferring to Texas  
Dear Sis Bro and all,
Thanks for the present. Received it Wed. Would write sooner but I was waiting to see what they was going to do with me when I graduate and I heard the good news tonight. Well you know the song ďSouth of the Border Down Mexico WayĒ. Well that is where Iíll be Xmas. Iíll be way down and deep in the heart of Texas. Ft. Bliss Texas will be my new home. I wonít freezer the balls off there because I can go over in Mexico. I bet Iíll be able to do some fast dancing when I get back.
There is a lot of boy here and they want to trade place with me. They say it is a fine country. Well they can keep me in Texas for three month then to Calf for three month and then over to African and all through the old country and then back home. That will be all I want to see of the world.
Well did you get the picture I sent you. I was going to take a bunt but when I got back from church I got chow then I lay down and fell asleep and didnít wake up till it was chow time again and it was too dark to take picture but I am going to get a few of this camp before Iíll leave. I was stay on the post pretty good last month. Didnít leave for four week but if I get a past (pass)  tomorrow  night I sure am going to raise hell. It be the last time in this clold. And I going to get the address of the camp in Texas so you can write the next letter to me there. And you can tell Ma that I am going to Texas where the broon (?) is out of the casge (cage?) now.  I will write as soon as I get there and tell you what I can learn there.
I leave here Wed. noon. Graduate at 9 in the morn Wed. Iím invited out to a home-cooked chicken dinner and donít think I am going to past it up. It will be a long ride to Texas and just as far from home.
Say you can put this address on my next letter and I will get it.  Ass  37449183  Ord. Dept. 7th Cav. Div.  Ft. Bliss Texas  and when I get station I give you my correct to the company Iíll be. I think it the 337 but I am not sure.  Good bye and love,  Ray  

Dec. 21, 42
Dear Mother,
Received your letter tonight and thanks a lot. Well I foun out where and it is a place I always want to see it, Ft. Bliss, Texas, right on the line of New Mexico. I leave Wed. noon and get down there Xmas night. Three day and three night on the train. It straight south of Denver, Col. It is nice and warm there. It sure got cold here since Saturday. It was about five above this morning. There sure is a bunch here want to trade place with me. Iím the only one in my class who is going. The rest is staying on this post. Someone told me that was the biggest camp in the world. Iím sure getting a lot of Xmas card this week.
Well I canít write much till I get there and Iím pretty busy tonight. Just got done washing my clold and got to get a haircut yet. Tomorrow night I got to pack the bag so it is ready to ship. Well I can give you my address now so I will get my mail down there. It is Cpl. Raymond C. Stallman A55 374 49183  Ord. Dept. 1th Cov. Div.  Ft. Bliss, Texas. You put that on and I will get it but I donít know what the number of the company is.

Jan 10 1943  Ft. Bliss Texas 
Dear Mother and all,
Just a line to say that I am fine and like it down here in Texas. Was over in old Mexico last night and we had a good time. When we were there we did need a radio because evere place we went a Mexico [artiones] a singing. I was down and saw the two-man submarine this afternoon which they captured in 1941 and took four picture of it.
I am taking a $10.00 a month bond money now. Say did you get the package I sent you of all my paper from Aberdeen. I got two package coming from Aberdeen  and didnít get it yet. I don know if it is lost or they are slow in getting here. Well I am going to sent the picture to Albert and Ann and they can show it to you when I get them develop. The weather is real nice out here. If I every get back to S. Dak. And when it cold I freeze to death. Even saw a little (?) the after day but now it is all gone. Well if I donít hafto do anymore then I have been the last two week I have an easy life here. Will close till the next time.  Your son, Ray 

Dear Ma,
I rec your letter and was glad to here from you. I till ok an like it here. I got a bunt of picture I sending home and you can let the rest of the folk see them. There is to of the Japan submarine an a bunt of the football game at the Sun Bowl near hear. They walk from here to the game. And I will write behind a few of them so you can know where it was taken. Those that I donít write behind is take at the game. Maybe Paul can take them over to Fred (Nissen)  and let him and the kid see them. Well I got a cartoon of cigarette from Fred. It took nearly a month to get to me. He send them to Aberdeen and they send it back here.  Will close,  Ray

Feb. 4 Ė 43  
Dear Mother and all,
Rec. your letter today and also one from Iva OíTool. She till work in the seed store in Breda. They celetabrate John 25th anniverd and was quite a party the way she say.  Well I feel fine out here. The weather is real nice all the time. Donít need no coat and winter underwear here. Iím busy working in the shop every day. We only put in 6 hr a day from five oíclock an we donít do anything though with supper and all.
Shure are quite a few baby born there isnít there. The first I got a letter from Mrs. Doc Grimshaw about their kid then Mrs. Don Hamiel she drop  a letter and told me about their boy Kent Lindley and now you wrote about Albert and Ann  (Pegge).  We canít take any more picture on the past (I think this means while on pass or on post) so I donít know what I do with my camer now.  There sure a nice gang here. We go to a show every night. There is a difference picture and we are only about five block from the theater. There is one on each side of us. Will close until the next time. Good as ever, Your son, Ray

Feb Ė 4 -43  Ft. Bliss, TX  
Dear Mother and All,
Received your letter was glad to hear from you. I sure enjoy my time here at this post. Most of the boy here been here two year or more and they are friendly. Say you donít need to send me anything because we get cake or pie everyday and I hang around the kitchen with the cook. We go to the show every night together. I saw more show here than I would in a year at home. I was figure on coming home in April but I change my mind in a hurry because they put up a notice that said all furlough are cancelled so I donít know when I get there now. They are keeping me busy fixing up the truck(s). I got a letter from my buddy in Aberdeen. He say he wish they send him down here with me but his company is full. They sent a bunt of poor men out last week.
Its just like summer out here now. I never had my jacket on for over two week. They been irrigate the lawn and the grass is green. I was always figuring on getting my picture taken but never got around to it but in Aberdeen they were too high. Two and a half for one picture. Here it cheaper.  Well I know more but I canít write it so will close with good luck. Your son, Ray
Apr 22 1943   Dear Mother,
Received your letter and was glad to hear from you.  Well you think S. Dak. is dry. You should live here for awhile. It only sprinkle three time since Iíve been here but its never cold. I never wore my jacket since I was here.
Say did I tell you that Merlon Schelle and the Bounhaunt (Bohnekamp?) girl are going to get marriage in June. I think the will be a double wedding. Two of the girl and one of the Wagemen boy. I know it since Jan. but I keep forget to tell you. I didnít hear from Chas. Schelle or Reiling for over two month but I spose they are busy putting in there crop.
Well were out in the desert a few weeks ago and stay there a week. We walk out to it. It took us 5 hr 15 minute to make 23 miles. We took the cake on the fastest time in every walk made. Well we haven been very busy in the shop the last few week so we go there and lay around till the next [wercke] (wreck) come in. Well so long till the next time. Your son, Ray

May 12 1943  
Dear Mother,
Received your letter the after day. Been pretty busy the past few week. We are move off this post. Going west I think. Let you know later on. Say when my bonds come and you need a little money just take it to the bank and cash a few. I got them so you can cash them an no one else beside me.
Clara Schelle wrote me that Grandma (Mary Bernadina) Stallman die. They were to the [funture] at Carroll and she also wrote about aunt Berning dieing. I get all the new from Carroll from a girl name Terlisner. I think you know her folks. You think S. Dak is dry. You should live here. It only [sprinker] three times since I been here.
Well I donít know of much news only that Iím till fine and hope to stay that way a long time. I hear that Henry is figure on going to the army. If he does he sure will learn something. Well I will close. I got to write a letter to Leona yet.  Your son, Ray p.s.  They got more church on this post then we got houses in Reliance. Easter Sunday they had Mass out in the open about 8,000 soldiers was there. 

No date  
Dear Mother,
Received your letter a few day back but I was waiting for my picture so I could sent it along. Well Iím fine and it begin to get hot here now. Around a 100 in the shade. I took out another $5,000.00 insure so I think you will get the polices one of these days and I also am buying a bond a month now. I donít know if you receiver any of them yet. If you did and you need some money you can cash one in at the bank. Well I havenít got much new and it about show time so I will close. Iím getting along fine.
 When you see my picture you will see that I am happy. I think they are good picture. Iím going to get six more made and sent a few extra. Good luck, your son, Ray

June 13 1943  
Dear Mother,
Got back ok. The train was 7 hrs late when it got to El Paso. There was 30 of us that was late. They only put our name on the broad and they didnít do anything to us. Iím on KP today. From Sioux City to Kansas City nearly everything is under water. The river is over the bank. I came back on an altogether difference route than I did when I went home on account of the flood between Omaha and Kansas City. There were a few bridge wash out.
Got a letter from Phine. She said everything is under water there too. I sure sleep last night. I lay down on top of the bed and felt asleep and when I woke up it was morning so I didnít have to dress to go to work. Will close till the next time and the gang is still the same old outfit.  Your son, Ray

Saturday Ė 43 
(No month given) 
Dear Mother and all,
Well Iím in California now and the air is a lot frester here then it was in the dust bowl. Well Iím feeling good and didnít get to go to town yet. I was figure on going to the show tonight but there is a big crowd out in front so I guess I will wait till to morn (tomorrow)  nite. The weather here is about the same here as it was in home when I was there. You may already got my new address from Albert. If you havenít it on the envel. Your son, Ray

June 12 Ė 43  Admirality Island 
Dear Mother and all.
Received your letter of May 28. It sure made good time. Well everything is till ok out here in the jungle. The only thing is we getting darn tire of living this way. No place to go Iíve been all over this island So I guess we got to waite till they tell us to move. So Henry got his furlough already. What does he think of the Navy. I know that Lawrence Nanneman was coming out there a few month ago. I receive those stamp ok and I got plenty now. Got some from the post ofter here.
We are not doing much now days. Been going to show every night to pass the time away. I sent you a $80.00 money order about two month ago. I also cancel my bond then to but I donít know how long it take for them to stop them from coming so if you donít receive any more it because there isnít any. I will receive all my pay here.
Phine write that they got all there corn in but it sure is wet out there and they say they had a few storm near by. Will close with good luck, Your Son Ray

July 25-1943   Australia  
Dear Mother and all,
Well I didnít hear from you for a long time an I guess you think the same of me. Iím hear in Australia now an feel good all the time. Got a letter from Frances and one from Josephine Reiling today. I bet Frances will be surprised the next letter she get from me. Say write me the letter in a V-Mail like this one and I get it quiting (quicker?)
Everything is ass-back ward here. Look like the sun get up in the west. It may donít for all of me. (?) Well have to close it getting dark and I will write more the next time. This as every, Your son, Ray

Aug 7 43 
Dear Mother and all,
Just a line to let you know that I till feeling fine. Well it wonít be long until spring here in Australia. How was the crop out there this summer. They close all the store here on Saturday and Sunday so it donít pay to go to town then and weekday it close at 6:00. Even the money is altogether difference here. The house is built on pole about six or seven feet above the ground.  We have been keep pretty busy.
I got a letter from Frances last week and she thought I forgot her. And a few letter from Iowa about two week ago. One said that Mrs. Chas Schelle got a baby boy. But Phine did say any think about it. Well I hope to hear from you all pretty soon.  Your son, Ray

Aug 17-43 
Dear Mother and all
Received your letter today. I till feeling good but is working every day and doing the same work. I been getting a little (letter Ė he always writes little)  from Frances every week and she is wonder why I donít answer but she should know by now. I got some little in less than ten day from her and Celine (?). Frances say the grain wasnít so hot and also that Albert bought the Ludwig place. Never did hear from them.
 Got a few little from Kenobbie and Renner the last few week. Say who sent the card that put the APO number in wrong. Itís A.P.O. 201 instead of 4552 but if you have already mail it I will get it.
Well I spend the 4th just like I spent xmas so you know what I was doing. So Henry is figure on going back to Iowa. You know where he is going to get his machine from.
Well I will close an answer Wayne Schelle little. He told me about his new son Ronald Francis and they are getting ready to cut grain. Good as every. Your Son Ray

Aug. 23 Ė 43 
Dear Mother and all.
Just a line to say I till fine and hope you are too. Weíre till here in Australia. Iím going up town to morn (tomorrow) afternoon and look the town over in the day time. Iím till doing the same work. In another month it will warm up quite a bit here. At night instead of look up at the North Star or the Big Dipper we look at the  Southern Cross.
Where did Albert put his house at on the farm. Down in the corner where the old one was. I never did here from them the last three month. I spose they are pretty busy getting the place fix up. Iím number(ing) all of the little so you will know if you are getting all of them.
I heard that dad went back to Iowa for the summer. I will close. Hoping this little will reach you in the best of health. Your Son Ray

Aug 31 -43 
Dear mother and all
Just a line to say I till fine. I heard that you were in Iowa with Leone when she was so sick. How is she getting along. Frances say she was a little better when she wrote.
That was Aug the 12. Her mail got here in 10 to 14 day.  We had quite a feed in our ten the other night. A couple of the boy came back from town and brought back a roast duck and a chicken. We set up and eat it all but none of us got up to eat chow the next morning.
I only miss two night that I didnít see a show and it sure isnít must (much) to write about.  And I will close and hoping that Leona be ok when I hear from you. As every, Your Son Ray

Sept. 19 Ė 43
  Australia   Dear Mother and all,
Received your letter about a week ago but I didnít have a way to get it mail. We were out at a propble (?)  Iím till fine and till feeling good. I got a letter from Frances the 23 of Aug and she told me that Leona was very sick and also say that she was there. How is Albert coming with his farm building. Mertver Schelle left for the army the 18 of Aug.
I been out to a barn dance and had a lot of fun. There was five of us and two Australia soldier and the rest civilian. It was just a accident that we run across the place. .32 cent for the dance and supper ticket. But whiskey cost $10.00 a quart. Too high to drink very must of it.
I did sent $50.00 home the first of the month so let me know if you get it so I can tear up the receipt. And I also took out another bond so you will get two $25.00 bond a month. So you know I wonít drink too must at that price. Air mail is fastest then U Mail. Your son, Ray

Nov 14 Ė 43   Australia 
Dear Mother and all.
Received your little today and one yesterday. I only got four little from you since I been home. Some time it take over a month for a little to get here and some time I get them in10 or 12 day. I guess it was a long time since I wrote to you. Iíve been pretty busy up in the shop. Iím feeling as good as every. I got a little from the Legion boy and they say a lot of the boy was home on furlough. Well I hope my next furlough be for ever and I hope it wonít be too long. Its kind of look good.
Got a package from Frances today. A couple carton of cigarettes. We get our cigarettes cheap here. If Frances knew that we only paid 4c a package for it she would sent something else. Sure got a pretty package from Chas and Mamie Schelle the after day. She sent everything that we can't get here and a picture of the hold family.
I didnít tell you that Iím taking out a $50.00  bond ever month now starting Sept. and I will sent some more money next month after I know it will get home ok. I didnít go no place this month but I think they getting to give me a four day leave to a rest camp [sponser] by the Red Cross. I get to see Alven Mahekal  (Michalek) once in awhile. He is about five mile from us.
I got a package that I getting ready to sent home and you pick out the thing you want and give Ann the rest. Got a book that I donít know if I can sent you. I got to waite till Lt, Burg find out for me. The weather sure warm up lot since the 25th of July and it rain a lot. We got our shop fix prety good so we donít have to work in the rain. I have two little you wrote a month apart and I got them a day apart. Well there isnít much to write about here and every thing is OK.  Your son Ray

Nov. 29 Ė 43   Australia
  (On American Red Cross Service Club stationery) 
Dear Mother and all.
Just a note to say Iím fine. I  final got my four day pass and it is out hear on the beach where we can go swimming and fishing. Going to a difference town to morn to look at the soo (zoo?). Iím going to take my first Australia train ride which will be quite a trill. I was out looking at difference kind of build that they raise here this morning. It is a nice warm day here today. Weíre having a lot of wet weather.
I sent a package home about a week ago. Donít know how long it take to get there. You can take what you want and give Ann the rest. Say did you sent me a package or did Ann. I know Ann sent one but it look like your writing. I spose you know that Rich and Mary got a baby girl last month. Iva OíTool wrote me about it. Will write more about my pass after I get back to camp.  Your Son Ray

Dec. 5 Ė 43   Australia 
Dear Mother and all
Just a few line to say that Iím fine and back at camp after my four day pass. We went swimming in the ocean and also fishing. I caught over 30 fish myself. We went out quite a way. We spent one day just riding the bus and the train. The train here is like riding the freight train at home. We also look at the difference kind of animal and bird that they got in the soo and we also went though the museum. We been having some pretty nice weather the last few day. I got a Xmas card from Victoria last night.
I sopose it get pretty cold at home by now. Frances say that they sure got a lot of snow in Iowa. Well it chow time now and I senting you a calendal and a card of Australia and if ---    (the rest has been cut out by the censor. Your Son Ray

Dec 9 -43   Australia 
Dear Mother and All.
Just a short letter to say Iím fine and am writing this at noon hour. Iím enclose a money order for fifty dollar to you. I saw in the Yanks magazine that Spike Vogle and  Alvin Morris  had a gun [batter] (battle) at Kennebec and Spike got kill. Got a long letter from Ann last night. She said there been a lot of wedding there the last month. Well we are all pretty busy now. How is the weather out there this winter. Have it been very cold yet. It getting warming here every day and more  mosquitoes.
It always amazes me that he misspells so many words then comes up with the correct spelling for mosquitoes, etc!)
Well I ain got must new so will close and let me no when you get this money order. Your Son Ray   p.s. Weíre having roasting ear for dinner today.

Apr 3 Ė 44  Admiralty Island 
Dear Mother
Received your letter. The boys brought  it up from the  after (other) island the after night. This is the first letter I wrote since I got here. Everything quiet down here now.
You can tell Windy Bill Cullen if he want those thing he told me to get when I left I can get them by the dozen for him. Ha ha. I made me a couple of ring out of Jap bomber. That is the only plane I saw out here.
They tell me the boy back at camp got the place all fix up and got light and the show starter (started?). I guess it wonít be long till I go back. Iím out on a contract (?) party fixing up the car and truck. I like it here a lot better than I did in New Guinea. It isnít so hot and wet here. Only receive two letter in better than a month but when they do get here it will be a lot. One boy receive over forty the other night Xmas card and all. Your letter got here in 20 day. Your Son Ray

Apr 9  43  Admiralty Island 
Dear Mother
Just a couple line to say Iím OK and we got our shop all fix up now. We are on a cement floor in a Jap warehouse which was full of food. We got a good place to take a bath. Itís a stream out of a mountain (I think thatís what it says Ö b)
I receive Frances letter but did not ans it because she said she was going to leave the first of Apr and I got the letter the 2th. So Henry got in the Navy. How did he get transfer from the Army. I didnít see the company for nearly a month now. We are detached over on a difference island to do the work. They had the native to build a church here out of palm leave and it sure look nice.
Iíve got some Jap  sounerus (souvenirs?) and made a ring out of some of the piece I got off a Jap bomber. Well there wasnít any Easter buffet here last night so we didnít get any eggs today. Your package didnít get here yet unless they came on the ship the last few day. Every move we make we get a little closer to home. As always  Your Son Ray

Apr 12 1944  Admiralty Island
Dear Mother and all
I received your letter and package to day. Sure was glad to get it. Now I can give the boy back the  blade I got from them. They were the right kind. The Gem is the best kind. They will last me a long time. I was sure glad to get this paper. We just canít get tablet here at all. I found this pen the after day and fix it up and is using it. It  is using Jap ink in it. It is not as dark as our ink. My pen and stuff is on the after island. I havenít got much stuff here. Sure glad of it.
Weíve got the place all fix up now with electric light and there is only twelth of us and we get along nice. Been keeping us prety busy the last few day. The way we got this place clean up you would (nít) think there every was a Jap on it. The Lt. got a package to day too an he just past it around to us boy. I donít think these envelop do much good unless I find some stamp. Our mail is free by train from San Francisco but not by air. Every thing is fine here. Thank for the package. As all way Your Son  Ray

May 14  1944   Admiralty Island
Dear Mother
Just a few line to let you know I am fine. Well how is everything out there. Didnít hear from no one the last two week. Only one from Merlin Schelle. He over in England. He like it OK over there. Well Iíve been inspection vehicle the last few weeks now after every thing else is done.
Well this the secent Mother day that Iíve put in the army. I hope it the last one.  Iíve been on all of the islands around here. We left Brisbane Aust  on the 18th of Dec. and spent 25th  at Corinas (?) on a boat. Got to Guinea on 29th near Burma. We were there two month and two week and here two month.
Say did Paul get [lison] (license) for my car this year. If he did he mine be able to get me a new tire. If he can he can take the money out of my account. I got a Japnese tire here that I would like to sent home but went I get time Iím going to see the Capt about it. And I think I will cancel my bond too. I sent the cash home so I will have a little cash when I get back. I suppose you folk got all the grain and corn in by now. Well we havenít start yet. We have got all of the jungle clean out yet and the coconut pick up. Well I donít seem to think of any thing more to write only that we have a show here about three time a week. So I will close.  p.s. Say where did Frances go to.
I didnít hear from her since Feb the last time she said she was leaving home but I didnít know where she was going. Your Son Ray  Received a letter from Frances tonite.

June 3 Ė 1944   Admiralty Island
Dear Mother and all
Received your letter and the stamp. Thanks a lot for them and they were in good shape but about two week ago I got about half a pound worth at the [postaftice]. A half a pound is $1.60 so I got quite a few left and I can get some air mail [envolt] (envelope) here. Say I stop all of my bond so if they stop coming it is because there isnít any more. Iím going to sent the cash home from here so I will have plenty of ready cash went I get back. Iím also enclose $80.00 in money order in this letter.
Well in a few day it will be a year since I been home and eleven month ago today I left the state. It donít seem that long. So Henry was home on leave. How does he like the navy. How long was he home. So Frances and Lawrence Nanneman were out there to for a few day. Lawrence sister Mary wrote that he figure on getting a furlough and was going out to Dakota. Well tell Paul that I be home next year to celebrate his birthday so have him save a few good bottle of whiskey for me. That one thing that we donít see out here. Well it sound like you got plenty of rain out there this year and it pretty wet around Breda too.
Well I canít think of much to say that every thing is all right with me and we all are getting guten tire (good and tired) of this jungle [lift] (life) but I guess we live through it OK. I always though that live out here in the coconut grove would be nice but it isnít as cool and shady as it look in the  moves.  Hoping you get this letter and money order OK.  As always and lot of good luck Your Son Ray

July 12 Ė 1944   Admiralty Island  Dear Mother and all
Receive your letter of June 24 and was glad to hear that every thing is all right and the crop look good. I would of worte sooner but I was gone. Was in New Guinea again but is back. Spent the 4th like I did last year. Took a plane down. It sure feel good to get up where it cool. To get up. The after day I got a Breda paper. The one were Bill put the  peace  I worte and I also see that Arthur Neiland is till alive in the Philapine. It was over two year since they heard of him.
Kate worte that Henry went to Virginia to finish his training. I sure wish that I was in the navy then here. It is more of an enjoyment life then the  army. Iíve talk to a bunt of boy who came from that camp were Henry is. They were there in April and May. I met them in Guinea and rode back here with them and the biggest kick I got was when one of them ask how much they charge for steak and beer out here in the town. They though it be like in the US and I told them they had to forget all that till we get back to the state. It didnít appear to them very good but the get use to it like the rest of us. We got this island fix up like a city but no place to go, only show.
Well there is much left of the Grimshaw family only Doc. Well I will close. It just about time to back to work and some of the boy is going to play ball with another outfit. Your Son Ray p.s  Didnít you receive the letter with the money order in  that I sent the first of June.

Aug 6  1944    Admiralty Island 
 Dear Mother and all
Just a few line to tell you Iím fine. Well I suppose you are all though harvest by now. Well we beat you through this year but we harvest difference stuff then they do back in the state. Now weíre waiting to go some place else and start again. Ann worte to say Henry is in the hospital in Virginia. I think it mostly homesickness.  It wasnít as easy out there as  he had when he was at his boots training camp. He has to do work when they want him to eight hours night or day. He get used to it.
Say Iím sending a box home with some stuff in it. A P.38 plane that I build. It made out of Jap shell the two back shell, Aussie in the middle, our 50. clb in front. The wing [speard] (spread)  is a 75 mm like the base of the big shell I got in the box. Iím going to put the plane on it after I get back. The rest is Jap equipment and quite a bit of Australia money which I will made some thing out of after I get back. There is a ring in there that I made out of a [florin] (?).
Say if Paul can run across a good 41 or 42 coupe and it price is pretty reasonable he can trade my car in on it and the next check I send home will be a big one or if he can sell my car for a good price sell it.
   Ann worte that all the girl was home for the 4th but Herman had the same old excuse that he couldnít get a man. I donít know how long it take for the box to get there.
Say you can sent me some more razor blade and after shave lotion. Well there isnít much news on this place. It only about 30 mile around the outer edge so it is no big.
Your Son Ray

Aug 26  1944  Admiralty Island  
Dear Mother and all
Receive your letter alright. Was glad to hear from you. We are all allright but here we are till fixing up the camp and cleaning it up fill up the water hold (hole).
Well Iím sending a few picture. One of the native village and their boat and one of an air picture of a peace of this island and a native girl holding a litter (little) pig. The Jap had quite a few hog  here and a few cow and chicken.
 I suppose you received the letter about Paul to look for a 41 or 42 coupe. Well tell him to take his time and get a good one cause it be quite a while before we get back.
    We got quite a way to get to Tokyo. I wish I could go through there then across China an come back across the Atlantic Ocean. That would be going around the world then. Well there is any news around here yet so will close. Your Son Ray.

Sept 10 1944  Admiralty Island 
 Dear Mother and all
Just a few line to say every thing is and there isnít any more news only that the coupe news sound good. Iím enclose two money order in this letter, the amount to $160.00. I was going to sent it last week but I been over on a difference island inspection so didnít get it mail. I suppose you  notion  that the bond quit coming. Iím getting the cash here and senting it home in money order. Well I donít suppose Paul got much to do now that harvest is over.
Well we had a pretty good week this past week. It only rain a few time. It make up for it one of these day. They cement the floor in the mess hall to day and we put wooden floor in out tent last week. I donít know when they will put cement sidewalk in to the shop. Ha ha. Will close. Hope you get this.  Your Son Ray

Sep. 18 1944 Ė Admiralty Island  
Dear Mother and all
Received your letter to-night. It didnít take long this time. Well every thing is all right out here and the weather is getting warmer. It must be getting spring. Iím just going around inspection again. It isnít hard work but it sure is a tiresome job. We only put in five or six hours a day here in this climber (climate).
I hear that Victoria is going to Mitchell to have her tonsils out. I suppose she stay with Frances for a few day. Well I got to let Paul decide on the price it was a long time since I seen a paper and I donít know how they have been paying for that model. So I will let him decide. It no hurry about the coupe an they mike be having new one by the time I get back so I just get a new one.
Alvin Machalek was over here to visit me last week. First time I seen him since the battle was over. Iím going over there some time this week to inspect there truck so I will see him again. Florence worte and said Bernard Lippens is out in this country too someplace. If I know his A.P.O. number I mike run into him someplace.
You wouldnít had to sent any paper or envelope this time. We been get all we want after we got away from Australia. But I will use them any way. Well I been playing cirbage  (cribbage) all night and now it about time for the light to go out. The last letter I worte I sent $160.00 money order in it. Hope you get it alright. So long. Your Son Ray

Oct 3 1944 
Dear Mother and all,
Just a few lines to say Iím fine. I didnít receive the packet yet so I guess it will take as long as the last one. Did you receive the last money order of  $16.00 that I sent the 6 of September? Iím sending you another one today for forty dollar.
I saw Alvin Michalek a few days ago. He look good yet. I hear that Henry is home from the Navy. Do you really know what wrong with him? Katy wrote that she was going to write as soon as he get home. Do you know that Leo Ros (????) Shot himself? You know him, he marriage  Mrs. Reiling, John sister. He done it just before Cyril and his wife got home on furlough.  Will close for this evening.  Your Son Ray

Oct 27 1944   Philippine Island
Dear Mother and all
Hear it is my birthday again and I spend it in the Philippines. I suppose you read about it already that we invaded it. Well I didnít receive the package yet. Well there isnít any mail coming in yet. Did you received the two money order. One for $160.00 and one for $60.00. And did that box I send you every get home.
I suppose the work is all done out there for this fall and the weather is getting pretty cold by now. Well it till warm and raining here on this island too. Well we got where we were heading for a long time ago but it sure took a long time. The old say is the longest way home is the nicest but it isnít in this case.
Seen quite a few Jap plane shot down that sure make the Philippine native feel good when they come down. The Jap sure treed (treated) them ruff. Run them out of their home and move in. Took all of the clothes but let them have a little bit.  There cloth is all patch up like  Ancil (?) Hill use to be. One old boy told me that is his only pant and he wore them nearly three year. When the native seen that we were coming this girl say that they all ran for the hill so they wonít get bomb and she say we dance and sing ďThe Americans are coming.Ē They speak English most of them that took schooling before the Jap took over.
I think I know why they raise so much rice around this part of the world. Because it never get dry enough for any thing else. I got some Jap invasion money and will sent some of it home later. Everything is fine with me. Will write more next time.  Your Son Ray

Nov 9 1944   Philippine Island  
Dear Mother and all
Received your letter last night. It took a little longer to reach me this time. We move up here and the last few day was the first mail that got here. Well what do you think of the stuff in the box. It took me a long time to make that plane. I hear that Cyril Reiling is in Montana now. His wife went back to his folk for a few week until Cyril found a place, and then she went out there. I suppose she went through Reliance when out there but she wouldnít know any of you folks any way.
These girl here come over every morning an pick up some one clothes to wash so now we donít have





 to do it our self. That was a releafe for us. They get so grease
any way. I worte a few letter yesterday and they got so wet from the rain that I got them back to dry them out. It was a lot of wind with the rain yesterday.
They raise some corn here and sweet potatoes and quite a bit of rice. We are camp near a rice patch and it sure is wet in there. You go to your knee if you go out
there. You should see the water ox. They was like for from the old day when we use ox in the state. It is nice to day. Iím sent you a Japanese paso that the Jap made
the Filipino use for money. It took the Filipinos 200 of them to buy a small pant and it took them a long time to earn it so they could not get very must clothes. Well
it is about time to start work so I will close. Tell Paul I hasnít got any thing to worries about. He till got places to go when he want to. So long.  Your Son Ray

Nov 28 1944   Philippine Islands
Dear Mother and all
Received your letter of Nov. 12 and was glad to hear from you. Also received the package. I thought for awhile it never get here. Frances send me a package of
stationery and I also got stationery from a girl in Carroll. She also sent me a lot of after (
other) toilet article. So now I got all kind of writing paper and envelopes.

Phine worte and said she also send a package and I donít know what it is yet.
Every thing is coming along good over here. Was the McKinzies boy home for his dad furnel that came back from England and was in the  hosp at New York. Was
old Mac till running the  Concal (
Conoco) filling station.
So Albert isnít going to move his house then. He would be better off to build a new house  then try to make
one off of what he has.
Well another month and I have eighteen month over sea. Then they will start to sent so many men to go home for a month. They pick out the men to sent each month
so if I have good luck Iíll mike (
might) see you by the 4th of July. So hear hoping!
Thank the rest for the stuff they put in the package. Well so long Mother, Your Son Ray

Dec 3 1944   Philippine Islands  
Dear Mother and all
Just a few line to said Iím OK and is enclose a $100.00 money order which you can take what you want out of it for a Xmas present.
Boy I thought it rain when we were at New Guinea and the Admiralty Islands but I found out that we were in dry country compare with the Philippines. I wonder what
it will be like if we do get a wet season here. The Jap raids quiet down a whole lot the last week or so. We are getting so we donít paid much attention to them any
more. So I think it wonít be long and we will start having show again. We only had a few show then they quit on account of the air raid and black outs.
Well there isnít so much news only we have been busy then every over here. The truck get more tore up in this mud then they did on the after islands. Hoping you
receive this before Xmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. p.s. Give Paul a five dollar out of this money order for Xmas. Ray

Dec 25  1944  Philippine Islands
Dear Mother and all
Well today is Xmas. I went to church this morning and after we got back we work till noon and they let us off this after noon. They had a phonograph to play in
church for the quial (
scratched out, probably going for choir) singer. It sure sound good. He gave every one Holy Community even those that didnít go to confession.
He told them that when they go the next time they should tell about it then. I was go last night to Midnite Mass but we has a air raid nerely every night and quite a few
 went down then drove home in the black out. We sure had a good dinner today. Turkey, pumpkin pie, two kind of cake and cranberry.
We got a pretty good area to put our shop in this time. It only rain two  time in the last few week. In the after place it rain all the time. It sure got muddy where we
had to work. It is a lot nicer here where you can get the girls to do your washing. It cost us around forty cent a week and they sure do a good job.  Well there isnít much
news around here. You can get more out of the home paper and the radio than we can write. We are getting along real good though.  Happy New Year. Your Son Ray
  Jan 4  1945  Philippine Islands
Dear Andy and Florence (Dirks)
Received your lovely package and thank a lot. I donít remember if I worte you folks since we made the invasion or not, but I guess you know. Well everything is 
coming our way and it was coming fast. The way our boys were knocking the Jap planes out of the sky when we first came I didnít thing they last long but I seen one go
over this morning heading for the homeland like a scared dog with his tail between his legs. Couldnít see if he got there or not. Weíre living a little more peaceful of
a life now again. They start having show Xmas eve and we had them every after night since. 
Friday night I got a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Art Hodgin and she told me that Kenneth was here and Kenneth got a letter one night telling him that I was here. She
gave us each otherís address but didnít say what Div he was in only the 2a number. So Kenneth was driving by our company Saturday night in a convoy and he stop and
talked to me a few minute and told me where  he was at so I went over there Sunday morn and visit him all day. He told me that Ollie Swanson and Bernard Lippens
were here too. Ollie in the 32nd and Ollie in the 96th. Didnít get to see Oliie, but he close by. Kenneth is only a few miles and he sure look good. He didnít  change a
bit.   Well so long, A friend, Ray

Jan 8 1945   Philippine Islands  
Dear Mother
Received your letter and also the package. Iíve got package after package for the last week and a half. Well I donít know if I worte you and told you that I went over
and saw Kenneth Hodgin. He is only a few mile away from me. Ollie Swanson and Bernard Lippens is also here but I didnít get to see them yet.
Those picture that you sent sure look good. The old home look the same yet. I got a bunt from Iva OíTool a few week back of them so Iím getting quite a few picture
stack up again. Well Iím senting another hunder dollar again this month. There wonít be any next month because I wonít  quite have enough to make a hunder dollar so I
will wait until March. Kenneth Hodgin told me about Harry Leclare getting kill. A log fell on him. I wonder where his wife go. I suppose she go out to the Peterson there
in Oregon.
Iff you can get France Cullen address I could find out if he is here or not. If he is around some place I will get to see if it tae a couple day to get there and back. We
isnít so busy now and we have show every after night. Iím going over to see Alven Mickalak and see how he is. He just came back from the front. Every thing is over
with here on this island.
Joe Voss is going to start farming this spring. He would be way ahead if he would listen to me when we were together in Minn. I want him to start farming with me
then but he thought he could make more by working out but now he out of places to work. So I think I will get a letter one of these days from him where he want a letter
back. Will close for this evening. Your Son Ray

Feb 25 1945   Philippine Island  
Dear Mother and all
Received your letter to nite so will ans it now. I didnít think France was here in the Philippines cause it would be a long way around to get here. The weather sure
been nice on this island and we really getting the Japs run way back and it is quite good now. Last night we had our fist show but we had our light going for some time
I donít know if I wrote that I got a letter from Norma Schelle and that she wrote that Merlin is missing since the 12th of Jan. They got the word the first of Feb, day
after Joe had this party. We are close to a big town and we are going to move on the after side to morn. From there we can see the bay and the town. The Japs sure burn
hell out of it which you already know from the paper. We are not so busy now. We are pretty well caught up with our work. It isnít so hard on the truck here because the
road are good and the ground is dry. I was up through town the after night. It the secent time this month. Didnít stay very long the first time.
The Filippine girl till do our laundress yet. We give them a little bit of something for it. They are sure some hungry people here. Those out in the country are
pretty well off. They have plenty of rice to eat. Well the news isnít much so will close. Your Son  Ray

Feb 16  1945  Philippine Islands  
Dear Mother and all
Received your letter of Jan 12. was glad to hear from you. I havenít written to no one in the last month. You see we move on up to a difference island and when we
got here we kept right on move in so now we are station and got a place to work. We got a couple of big ware house. One we sleep in and the after we use for the shop.
The shop got a cement floor. It sure feel good to get out of the mud and dust. We spent a week on the sea coming up here.
Say I got the package that Victoria and all of you put something in a night before last so I got both of your package now. Dorothy worte that Ben and Joe is at it again.
Ben is going to sue Joe because he didnít pay him what he want for his oat. Bernard got another boy so there be a lot of Weber when I get back to Iowa.
Well this place is a lot difference than all the rest we been in. Here we got good pave hiway, train and the city even got street car but they is (arenít) in running condition
yet but I donít suppose it be long and they have it ready. They sure got some big field of rice around here. They had it all in stack. The Jap wouldnít let them harvest it or
bring the rice to the city for the people to eat.
Kenneth Hodgin, Ollie and Bernard didnít come up with us. Kenneth done part way but stop at an island. I went and had a hold (whole) day visit with him the last day
of Dec. We figure on all of us get together there on that island but we got ready and move out in a short while. Ollie was across the road from Ken but he was at his
company when I was there so didnít get to see him. Bernard was quite a way from us.
Received a letter from Fred some time ago. He say it offer (awful) hard  to get any one around there to fix the car or tractor and Sonny did get to go to the army or
Say did Paul every run across a buyer for my car. It outta be pretty easy to sell now and get quite a bit for it. My next paid I gong to put it in the soldier
deposit so if I every get a chance to go home I can draw it out for spent money. I could keep it on me and carry it around. I mike lose it. So I wonít sent any home
for a few month. Will close.  Your Son Ray

April 19  1945   Philippine Islands
Dear Mother and all
Received you letter and was glady to hear from you. Well Iím OK. Got a few sore between my finger from washing my hand in gas too much so Iím staying out
of the shop for awhile. They got me on electic now. The after (
other) boy left for a difference outfit in New Guniea and I took his place. 
The weather is just like July
and Aug back home.
I received Ann Schelle and I write to Rita about it. I donít know if she receive the letter or not. It a long time since I heard from her. Well you can thank Ann for
it and  ask Rita if she receive my letter of January sometime. Hank and Ann didnít get to go to Iowa like they figure they did. I hear that Marvin Weber is call to take
his  exma  for the army. That will just about drive Ben crazy and they are taking all boy that start framing so it will take Ben too. I didnít hear any more about it so
donít know if he pass or not.
Now that Don Hamiel move on the  fram  who is running the Standard gas truck. Or donít they have any now. Will close for this time being there is (isnít) much we
can say over here. You get more of the news out of the paper then we do.
Alven Mahalakes, I didnít seen him since we left the Admiralty Island. I was up to his outfit a month ago and he was in the hosp. His leg gave out on him from walking
and I was back to his company since so I donít know how he is coming.  As always, Your Son Ray

May 20,  1945   Philippine Islands  
Dear Mother and all
Receive your letter a few day ago was glady to hear from you. I heard that Frances and Mary was out there the first of the month. Who every told you that I got marriage
over here. You should take one of those picture I sent you of the native girl of New Guinea and show it to them and tell them that she is my wife. I never seen anything
on this side of the ocean that I would stay for. We are all set up in our new area and get it all wire up with light now. Merlin only got a slight wound in his leg. They
donít know for sure yet about Al Tiefenthale if he dead or a prisoner over there. They donít know if Richard Reiling and Mevlin Weber have to go to the army or not.
Bud OíTool didnít pass on his eyes so he mike not get call anymore. Did Babe Murphy have to go to the army and I heard that Stanley Nissen is in Louisiana in the army.
     Have Shorty Swanson got a good business in the station. Well did you receive that $100.00 money order I sent the first part of the month. Well I close and go down an
help run the picture machine. We been having some good show here lately. Your Son Ray

May 5  1945   Philippine Islands  
Dear Mother and all
Just a few line to say that Iím fine. This is the first letter I worte with a pencil for a long time. When I first landed on this island and got in the city of Manila a girl in the
prisin  gave me this pencil and to nit a friend had some lead in his box that was the right size so I thought I would trid (
tried) it out.
Well I am not doing much right now.
I heard that Bob Black got killed. Never heard any think from Ann or Albert for three month. Florence worte me about it but she ready didnít know for sure. Norma is
going to sent me the paper of where they got the picture of Merlin and the write up about him. I got some sippit (?) about it from a girl in Carroll.
   Well I senting another $100.00 money order in this letter. The first I sent up since I got my teeth fix. The weather was very nice on this island. We had a few rain this last
 week. We got a Filippine Activity play here in the mess hall to nite. 
We live in  a big sheld (shed) like the one like Fred sheep sheld but these got cement floor. We got
four that size and a lot of our stuff is till outside.
Will close till the next time.  Your Son  Ray

June 4  1945   Philippines   
Dear Mother and all
Just a few line to say hello and I till fine and not doing very much nowday. We got our camp all fix up now and is doing shop work. Did you get the $100.00 money order
I sent last month. Am senting another one in this letter. It donít rain as much on this island as it did on the after one and we got better living quarter. Here it all cement floor.
Even the shop. There is a show over across the road but I donít think I go.
Did Alven Mahalik get home. I was over to his outfit and they said he went to the state on account of his leg. Well I think I go over to the after shack and see if they got
some coffee cook up. A few of us have a cup every night. We also going to have Campbell chicken soup to nite. Got a package from a girl in Carroll.  Your Son Ray
June 26 1945  Luzon  P.I.  Dear Mother and all
Received your letter to nite and with drop you a few line before the light go out. Well I got your after letter a day after I worte to you.
Well I was wonder if those money order was getting home. I send one in May and one in June. Iím going to sent another one in July, maybe a two hundred dollar one
if I can collect the money I got borrow out. I must get close to $1000 in cash when I get there havenít I.
The way I hear that Merlin Schelle and Mildren Baumhover is going to get marriage but maybe he waite till he get a decent furlough. He mike (might) have to come over
here yet.
I didnít think that Fred leave both of his boy go so young. Well it too late to keep them home now. Well if it keep on hailing you wonít raise much of a crop out
there this year. The weather is prety fair here yet not too must rain and we got a good place to live. We work in the dry. Well so long. Your Son Ray
July 6  1945   Luzon  P.I.   Dear Mother and all
Receive your letter about a week ago but I donít remember if I ans it or not. I sent a few more of our paper of our division and it got more news then they let us write.
I made a trip to Manila the after day and the Filipinos is pretty busy in the field. Seen some corn that is getting ear. Like to get back there about the time they get fit to eat.
The rice field are getting green. It sure is a hell of a job to pant (
plant) the stuff the mud is about a foot deep and it got about an inch of water in those pot.
You can tell Ann that I seen a picture of the landing and the place where Bob got kill. I canít tell about the picture in the letter. Iím senting a couple of money order in
this letter. I hope I be able to send this must next month too. I will if I work a nite. Well everything is going on fine around here now. Not working too hard. Those day
are over now for a while. Will close. Your Son Ray
Aug 4 1945   Luzon  P.I.   Dear Motther and all
Receive your letter a few day ago and was glady to hear from you. Iím till fine and I waited till I got my money order back from the mail man before I write so I will
sent another two money order this month and if I can make three watch band this and I get $30.00 a peace for them I be able to send the same amount next month.
Well I suppose you folk is nearly all done harvest by the time you get this letter. It been pretty hot here all the time. We had a couple of good shower this after noon
but it donít cool off very mush. I sure would like to get a good meal out of your garden but I guess I wonít this year. They mike get the point system low enough so they
will get the rest of us that came over sea with the division.
Lawrence Nanneman brother is over here now but Mary didnít know his adress so I wonít be able to look him up till I fine his address.  Ollie Swanson outfit is on this
island to but they is nearly 200 mile from us and Kenneth Hodgin never came up this far so I never got to see him since last Jan.  We are going to cook up some [oster]
stew to nite and one of these we going to have Campbell chicken soup.  Well I guess I close for the evening.  Your Son Ray
Sept 11 1945   Tokyo Japan   Dear Mother
Well Mother this is the letter I been want to write to you for a long time and this is the letter you donít need to ans. I will drop you a line before I leave. I figure on
leaving for the state some time this month so I be home for my birthday. Donít that sound good.
I receive your letter and also receive the letter from Kate and you can tell her that Iím not going to ans it that I be on my way home pretty soon. So it wonít pay to write
her.  We got a place in Tokyo on a air field and it is get pretty cool out here at night. I got here yesterday. We left Manila a little better then two week ago. We got here a
week after our div landing in Tokyo.  Well Paul can use my car until I get home and I will see what I can do to get a new car.
So we waite till next month. So will close for the evening.   Your Son Ray
Sept 25  1945  Tokyo Japan   Dear Mother and all
Just a line to say that I be on my way home in two day but I donít know how long it take before I get to see you  but any way it sure feel good to know that Iím getting back
to the state.  Well this is going to be a short letter to let you know that you wonít hear from me until I hit the state.
So so long Mother until I hit the state.   Your Son  Ray
Oct 20  1934  Ft Leavenworth Kansas   Dear Mother and all
Just a few line to say Iím back in the state. I left Tokyo the 29th of Sept and got in San Francisco the 10th and they took us out to camp and there we stay  till the 13th then
we got on a troop train and come true Denver. We got here in the evening of the 17th. We turn our cloth in and got our (phusion?) already. I donít know how long it take
before we get our discharge. The boy that got there took a week to 10 day. So I will be home around the first of the month. I going to stop in Carroll a few day then Ashton
it all on my way home. The time sure past slow around here it seem. Well you can be looking for me any time a week after this so donít be surprise when I drop in. You
are the only one I worte to since I got back.  So long. Your Son Ray
Dec 8 1945  Carroll Iowa   Dear Mother and all
Received your letter and also the money. Didnít have any trouble at all coming back. Well I canít fine any [fram] around here to rent or buy so I guess I be back out there
by Xmas again. I been staying here with Jack Reiling this week. He had a little work he want me to do for him. I went out one day and de horn some cattle and made
$6.00 that day. Everything is fine with me. I bought me and overcoat last week.
The weather is real nice out here this week. Hope it stay that way. Well be seeing you.  Your Son Ray

A.P.O. 201
20 June 1945
Mr. Clem A. Stallman
Reliance, South Dakota .
Dear Mr. Stallman:
      I recently have had the great privilege of awarding your son, Tec 4 Raymond C. Stallman. 27th Ordnance Company. the Bronze Star Medal.
      Recently authorized by Congress, the Bronze Star Medal is an award to those men who have by heroic or meritorious achievements during
combat operations, distinguished themselves above their comrades. In each case, the award is made by the direction of the President.
      You may be justly proud of your son for his splendid service to his country.
\. .J / (J ih
Brigadier General U.S. Army Commanding



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