Lyman County, South Dakota  Genealogy


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Newspaper items were extracted by Barbara Speck in 1987, ’88 from the microfilmed newspapers (pre-computers and the Internet) during the SD State Genealogy Society’s project to extract genealogical data from old newspapers from day one through July, 1906. This data is now free for your use on the Internet.

This data is now available for free research on the Internet.   If, after you have checked all of my files for a surname(s) you are researching and feel you need additional research done, contact me

Codes: b - bornc-cemetery;   d - diedf - final proof on homestead; g - general stuff (odds & ends);  h - family histories in Lyman County History Bookm - married ; v - vet ;  son/dau - born or died

Newspapers:  rec - Lyman County Record , Reliance;   dem - Dakota Democrat;

reg - Chamberlain Register;  gaz - Oacoma Gazette;  adv - Advocate Leader, Kennebec;

wav-Vivian Wave;  lca - Lyman County Argus

Cemeteries: Cemeteries are listed by the town they are in to reduce confusion for the typesetter and the reader: Chamberlain - c;  Fort Thompson - ft;  Fort Hale - fh;  Hilmoe - h;        Iona - i;  Kennebec - k;  Kimball - ki;  Lower Brule - lb;  Oacoma - o;  Presho - p;   Pukwana - pu; Reliance - r;  Vivian - v;  Medicine Creek - mc;  Brule Co. - bc; Lyman Co - lc; Bijou Hills - bh

NAMES code paper


cem book
LaBarge, Leo baby born rec 18 jan 1912
Lafferty, Mrs. Chas. see Lester Krause rec
Lafferty, Mrs. John d rec 12 jan 1911
Lafferty, L.C. /Mattie Alice Smith in Wisc. m rec 8 feb 1912  
Lafferty, L.C. son rec 20 feb 1913  
Lafferty, L.C. dau rec 12 jul 1917  
Lafferty, L.C. son rec 22 may 1919  
Lafferty, L.C. 3 yr old son (Ray)drowned d rec 16 mar 1916 r
Lafferty, Len C. c r
Lake, Claude see Sylvia Zillman
Lally, Henrietta Snover c c
Lally, Ida see Powers, Fred A m dem 16 dec 1897
Lally, John d. reg 10 aug 1899
Lally, Rose see Sears, Fred m dem 15 sep 1898
Lamberty, Peter A. f rec 14 sep 1911
Lamberty, Peter son rec 1 sep 1909
LaMear, Jos. And Mary see corresp. file
Lampe, Amy R. c v
Lancaster, A.G. /Florence Childre m rec 25 jan 1912
Lancaster, Charles /Josie Slaby @ Canton m reg 17 may 1900
Landendorf infant (female) c   1932 v  
Landendorf son c   1934 v  
Landendorf son Charles c   1937 v  
Landis, John c k
Landis, Mrs. Virgil m. in Chamberlain m wav 31 jul 1914
Landon, Albert Otto 17 mo. old son of Everett d dem 12 aug 1920 c
Lane, Dorothy hus. is Edward Sprague c lyons
Lane, Job wif is Anna Reyner lyons
Lang, Geo. H. /Rose Rowe m dem 23 dec 1897
Langdeau, Jos. & Lottie DeSheuquette h lch
Langdeau, Vernon dau adv 4 dec 1925
Langlois, Jos. Egnew, Mrs. Ruby rsrch file
Lantz, Arlie c mc
Lantz, Augusta c mc
Lantz, Hence c mc
Lantz, Mons Henry c mc
Lanyon, Ralph g rec 10 may 1906
LaRoche, Edward p
LaRoche, Fred Daniel discharged g adv 7 mar 1946
LaRoche, Harry /Alma Driving Hawk m reg 2 nov 1899
LaRoche, Joseph child d. dem 11 may 1893
LaRoche, Olive c lb
LaRoche and Sylvia h lch
Larsen, Lars f rec 19 may 1904
Larson, Mrs. A.J. g rec 11 apr 1912
Larson, Alma f rec 21 jan 1904
Larson, Anna Marie d rec 7 oct 1915
Larson, Carl c v
Larson, Charles /Emma Lee, Beloit, Wisc m dem 27 apr 1893
Larson, Chris f reg 6 jul 1899
Larson, Christina c v
Larson, C.J. son rec 14 oct 1915
Larson, David c v
Larson, Edwin c v
Larson, Esther reg 14 dec 1922
Larson, Ida /John Hanson m dem 22 oct 1896
Larson, John d reg 13 may 1897
Larson, John /Elizabeth Doecher @ Omaha m rec 11 mar 1910
Larson, John blood poisoning d dem 3 jun 1897
Larson, Josie c v
Larson, Julia typhoid fever d reg 5 nov 1903
Larson, Lars dau reg 31 jan 1901
Larson, Manda f rec 24 dec 1903
Larson, Hon. Nels /Mae E. Anderson m reg 12 sep 1901
Larson, Mrs. Nels typhoid fever d dem 25 nov 1897
Larson, Ruth Marie c v
Larson, Vels /Anna Fick m dem 24 jan 1895
LaRue, Clara J. /DeWitt, Clark
Lash, Lena f rec 4 aug 1909
Lastrico, George c p
Latsch, Fred mor. D. at St. Cloud, Minn dem 15 jul 1897
Lau, Alma /Claud Smith m reg 2 nov 1899
Lau, Mrs. Herman d dem 14 jul 1898
Lau, Herman left to visit Germany   18 aug 1898
Lau, Herman  died in Germany d. dem 17 nov 1898  
Lauerman, Corp. A.A. letter/soldier   rec 22 aug 1918  
Lauerman, N.J. born at Yankton son rec 3 may 1917  
Lauerman, N.J.  sold store at Reliance g rec 27 jun 1912  
Laughlin, Connie /Robert R. Jones m reg 13 apr 1905
Laughlin, Rex c v
Laumack, Matilda /A.H. Hawks m reg 22 aug 1901
Lavoy, Charles /Hilda Enquest m dem 29 nov 1894
Lavoy, Eunice /Brakke, Martin m reg 14 feb 1901
Lavoy, Valey /Mary Dorsey m reg 19 jul 1900
Lawler, Mary /Farrell, Richard m reg 7 dec 1905
Lawless, James W. /May Griswold m dem 27 jun 1895  
Lawless, James W. dau dem 9 jul 1896  
Lawless, James W. dau dem 29 sep 1898  
Lawless, James W. dau  dem 16 nov 1899  
Lawless, James W.   3-wk old dau d.   dem 13 aug 1896  
Lawrence, Catherine E. c k
Lawrence, Hubbard Irving d. in Portland Ore d reg mar 1955
Lawrence, Ida M. /Joseph R. Maxwell
Lawrence, Nola /Avon Lester
Lawrence, Rachael / Louis Howard
Lawson, Frank A. d. at Waterloo, Iowa d reg 15 mar 1945
Lawson, Harry /Grace Babcock @ Chicago m dem 19 jan 1899
Lawson, Marie Estella /George F. Pilger
Lawson, May /George Mehl m dem 8 sep 1898
Lawson, William 30th anniv g dem 29 dec 1898
Lawton, Seeley d. at Sioux City d wav 3 apr 1914
Lawver, Frank /Addie Brown m reg 16 nov 1899
Leach, Mamie /Martin Millan m dem 24 jan 1895
Leach, Sadie /Wm. S. Barnes
Lebarge, Leo /Adina Lund m rec 2 mar 1911
Leberge, Manuel J. f rec 7 jul 1909
LeBlond, Dr. fa. of H.W. and Clarence d dem 1 aug 1895
LeBlond, John Boyers, Dr. d dem 25 jul 1895
LeBlond, Catherine Ward Mrs. John B. d dem sep 1886
Lebselter, Theodore g rec 27 jun 1912
LeClerc, Marie Louise (Maccabee) d. in Mitchell d rec 5 dec 1918 Dimock
LeConte, "Egnew, Mrs. Ruby" rsrch file
Lee,Henry B. Anna Maria Aaby m dem 21 dec 1893
Leedom, Wash blacksmith g rec 15 jun 1911
Leggett, Anna f rec 6 oct 1904
Leggett, Frank Mary Elfes m rec 20 oct 1909
Leheska, Anton celeb 40th reg 1 dec 1955
Leichtnam, Gerald Eugene c p
Leichtnam, J. Clair c p
Leichtnam, John J. c p
Leichtnam, John & Rose (Schneburger) h lch
Leichtnam, Linda Mae c p
Leichtnam, Madonna Rose c p
Leichtnam, Manuel c p
Leichtnam, Marilyn Jo c p
Leichtnam, Marjorie June c p
Leichtnam, Paul Douglas c p
Leichtnam, Rose Ann c p
Leichtnam, Sophia Ann c p
Leiferman, Charles 50th anniv (6 nov 1907) reg nov 1957
Leiferman, Elizabeth / Kenneth L. Wingert m reg 27 oct 1955
Leiferman, Leo E. d. 10 jul 1952 from burns d reg 24 apr 1952
Leiferman, John dau dem 19 may 1898
Leiferman, Leo E. /Mary T. Roethler m reg 2 feb 1905
Leighthoff, Mrs. J. mor., Mrs. Bode, d. reg 19 jan 1905
Leithoff, fa. of Mrs. Bode d. reg 18 jan 1900 ola
Leitz see Emil Harris
Lerum, Wm. E. c k
Lerum, Wm. /Sena Hansen m wav 22 feb 1907
LeSuer, Jos. & Mary, (LaMear) "LaMear" cor. file
Lester, Ancil dau rec 8 oct 1914
Lester, Ansel /Hilda Satter @ Rapid City m rec 2 apr 1914
Lester, Ansel filed on land in Wyo g rec 12 jun 1913
Lester, Arlie rumor: m. Ruby Edgerton m rec 2 may 1918
Lester, Avon /Nola Lawrence m rec 10 apr 1913  
Lester, Avon dau rec 7 oct 1915  
Lester, Avon son rec 10 jun 1914  
Lester, Avon f rec 9 jul 1914  
Lester, Berniece / lee Washburn
Lester, C.E.      11 mo baby d. reg 9 apr 1903
Lester, George d reg 1 may 1952
Lester, George son rec 10 dec 1914  
Lester, Herb fa. came out to homestead dau rec 3 aug 1905
Lester, Loyal P. f rec 3 nov 1904
Lester, Millie f rec 10 oct 1918
Lester, Raymond /Shirley Jean Meyer, @ sprfsh m adv 3 jul 1952
Lester, Willard came to claim g rec 11 jan 1906
Lewis, baby girl DeSmet c     fh  
Lewis,  Ernest DeSmet  c     fh  
Lewis,  Henrietta DeSmet c     fh  
Lewis infant Elmer G. c i
Lewis. Alva and Nora (Johnson) h lch
Lewis, Henry /Carrie Wattles m rec 21 mar 1818
Lewis infant c v
Lewis, Leon m wav 25 feb 1910  
Lewis, Leon dau wav 24 mar 1911  
Lewis, Lavina DeSmet c fh
Lewis, Madge /Wallis Lonie m wav 18 sep 1914
Lewis, Mamie 15 yr. old dau/Chas d reg 15 nov 1900
Lewis, Nora Manye c v
Lewis, John DeSmet and Joseph c fh
Lewis, 4 inf. of John & Henrietta c fh
Lewis, W. R. dau dem 15 feb 1894
Libby, Akura C. purch. Rel. Meat Mkt g rec 11 jan 1912
Libner, Cora c     v
Libner, Cora d. wav 13 mar 1914  
Lien, Alice (Skaggs) c dec 1981 k
Lien, Andrew c dec 1928 k
Lien, Anna M. c jan 4 1929 k
Lien, Arthur Joseph c 30 apr 1964 k
Lien, Mrs. B.B. d wav 19 jan 1906
Lien, Donna M. ( dau of Iver) c 1937 k
Lien, Henry /Orpha C. Rosier m rec 22 nov 1906
Lien, Orpha Cordeila c feb 1951 k
Lien, Roberta c 1936 k
Lien, Rudolph Iver c dec 1959 k
Liesch, N.E. typhoid fever d dem 28 mar 1895
Lillebo, Hilmer Melvin & Susie (Strubbe) h lch
Lillie, Alice c jun1925 v
Lillie, Clarence & Frances h lch
Lillie, Dan baby bur. at Presho wav 23 sep 1909
Lillie, Frances Ann wife of Clarence c feb1962 i
Lillie, Clarence c feb 1949 i
Lillie, Mervin c 1934 i
Lillie, Harvey Wm. c apr 1978 i
Lillie, Fannie E. (Grisley) apr 1924 i
Lilly, Frank station agent

Mrs. Frank visited him

rec rec 11 oct 1906 1 nov 1906
Limebeck, Sadie E. d dem 20 apr 1893 NY
Limoges, Lulu E. f rec 22 jun 1905
Lincoln, Burt m/Ollie Wells m reg 9 apr 1903
Lind, Albert c 1930 k
Lind, Alice c 1929 k
Linder, Arnold m. Goethal, Lila m reg 14 dec 1922
Lindgren, Adolph f rec 16 mar 1916
Lindley, Clarence /Hoffmeyer, Mary M.
Lindley, Henry /Vina H. Wilson in Iowa m rec 28 mar 1918
Lindley, Henry fa of Everet d reg 2 jun 1955 Iowa
Lindley, John /Carina Smetts m reg    
Lindley, John v adv 10 apr 1952  
Lindley, Wm. & Ozitte King h     lch  
Lindley, Wm. d, reg 12 mar 1970  
Lindley, Wm. son rec 12 sep 1918  
Lindquest, Gary c 1949 v
Lindasy, James f dem 27 sep 1894
Lintvedt, Bessie c nov 1981 v
Lintvedt, Carl J. c jan 1959 v
Lintvedt, Marie c nov 1983 v
Lintvedt, Oscar m/Mary Sletto m wav 12 oct 1906 19 nov 1906  
Lintvedt, Oscar dau wav 17 mar 1911  
Lintvedt, Oscar d wav 1950 v  
Lintvedt, Oscar son wav 2 oct 1914  
Lintvedt, Ryan T. c july 1978
Lippens, Bernard /Audrey L. Filer in Ore. m adv 21 feb 1946
Lippens, Charlie dau rec 25 nov 1915  
Lippens, Charlie son rec 16 aug 1917  
Lippens, Charlie c     r  
Lippens, Chris dau rec 31 jul 1913
Lippens, Edward dau rec 8 aug 1918
Lippens, Edward and Helen (Dehondt) h lch
Litz "Waddell, Margy"rsrch
Lloyd, Alson M. d rec 16 nov 1916 r
Lloyd, Dr. and Mrs. son reg 5 apr 1900
Lloyd, John /Lizzie Hilton m dem 7 dec 1893
Lloyd. Maria R. f red 25 jul 1907
Lloyd, Perry 15th anniv g rec 29 may 1919
Lloyd, Vivian Merle Mr. Dent’s grandson d reg 12 nov 1903
Lockwood, C.A. /Nellie Bridgeman m dem 10 oct 1895
Lockwood, Elmer B. f rec 27 apr 1911
Lockwood, John dau reg 24 oct 1901  
Lockwood, John son dem 12 apr 1894  
Lockwood, John son dem 20 jun 1895  
Lockwood, John S. f dem 6 sep 1894  
Lockwood, John S. dau dem 4 aug 1898  
Lockwood, John S. dau dem 24 aug 1899  
Loff, J. O. /Belle K. Baker @ Mitchell m reg 20 jun 1901
Loftus, May Ella Magivney, Jerome
Logan, Edith G dschrgd/army v adv 2 may 1946
Logan, Kermit Willis dschrgd/navy v adv 7 mar 1946
Lohr, W.F. d. @ Sioux City d reg 2 jan 1905
Lohman, Theodore typhoid d dem 17 dec 1896 r
Lowing, Henry Jr. f rec 22 jun 1905
Lonbladd, Carl f rec 17 nov 1904
Long, A.P. son reg 2 mar 1905
Long, Mrs. A.P. fa. d @ Pierre reg 5 nov 1903
Long, H.H. dau dem 12 aug 1920
Longfellow, Harry Jennie V. Odell m reg 21 feb 1901
Lonie, Wallis /Madge Lewis m wav 18 sep 1914
Lorang, Margaret Claim near Newell f rec 26 sep 1912
Lorang, Jule /Mabel Erickson @ Yankton m rec 22 jun 1916
Lorang, Jule son rec 1 feb 1917  
Lorenson, Mrs. d reg 5 sep 1901 GrVu
Lorenson, Landen, 10, drowned in Buffalo Co d dem 19 jul 1894
Lorenz, Anna /Henry Kobes @ Mitchell m rec 18 may 1905
Lorenz, Herman son reg 24 sep 1903
Lorenz, Herman c     k  
Lorenz, Mrs. Herman (nee Jeanette Seath) d, c rec 28 may 1908 k
Lorenz, Jacob son rec 20 nov 1913
Lorenz, Jacob son rec 29 mar 1917  
Lorenz, Jennie /Morehead, Manford B. m reg 14 jun 1900
Lorenz, W.C. enlisted in army v rec 4 may 1905
Lorenzen, Charles f dem 6 sep 1894
Louis, Parley typhoid d reg 18 aug 1904 c
Loupitz "Gary E. Krell" rsrch file
Lubean (Lubeax?) c mc
Lubkee, John /Laura Sibley m dem 7 may 1896
Lucas, W.V. bro. d. Waterloo, Iowa dem 16 feb 1893
Ludachka, Jake f rec 9 mar 1916
Ludvig, Rorvick c k
Ludvigsen, Karen Johnson "Neugebauer" file
Lulf, Donald Devere dschrgd navy v adv 1 jul 1946
Lulf, Henry d. at Winner d adv 27 jun 1946
Lumbard, Earnest dau reg 28 nov 1901
Lund, Adina /Leo LeBarge 2 mar 1911
Lund, Chas Edward 6 yrs old , d. Rochester d rec 30 jul 1914
Lund, C.L. (Arberg) influenza d rec 21 nov 1918 o
Lund, Peter son rec 27 jul 1911  
Lund, Peter d rec 27 jun 1912  
Lundmark, Irma, 16, dau of John, diphtheria d rec 15 dec 1904
Luth, Wm. Henry "Luth, Wm. C" rsrch file
Lutz, Carrie /Nels Rodman m wav 29 jun 1906
Lyden, Margaret Irene c p
Lyden, Mary Ann c p
Lyden, Michael c p
Lyman, Maj. B.W. biography g wav 15 sep 1905
Lyon, Hannah d 18 jun 1926
Lyons, Leta /Rev. John Comin m dem 2 dec 1897



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