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ALTFILLISCH) SCHOENHARDT - Michael Altfillisch looking for info on Clara E. (Altfillisch) Schoenhardt and William Schoenhardt  who lived in Presho in the1930s.   March 2005
BARNETT - I have a family history website with ties to Lyman county.  It would be nice if you could place a link to it on your website. See   My g-g-grandfather, Ephraim Barnett, first  homesteaded in Lake county in 1872.  In 1884 ,  the family had new claims in Chas. Mix county.  Around the turn of the century, my g-grandfather, Edgar Barnett, had claims near Iona,  and later in Gregory county . He died in Burke in 1946.  Andrew Barnett,  Parker CO 04/03/04

-  a newspaper editor of Chamberlain. Any descendants still there, would like to make contact. WSBates, Alpharetta, Georgia
BEAR-RUNNER, Harold, SCOTT, Lucille Submitter: Florence Bear Runner SOUTHSIOUX2000@YAHOO.COM
BEEBE - Peg Williams of the Potter County Library in Gettysburg, SD is trying to find information on a Mr. Beebe who was killed in a train accident at Oacoma, Lyman County in 1914.  August 2004

Looking for the location or any history on the Lyman County homestead of my grandfather Samuel from 1900 to 1907 (when he returned to Seward, Illinois.)  Thanking you in advance. Beth Baker Simeone 

I am seeking information on the BILLMAN family in Lyman County, in particular, Billman Lake located in your county. Any help appreciated. Pastor Don Billman 163 Rainbow Dr. #6379, Livingston, TX77399-1063  Jan. 2002

I am researching John Brisbine and Amelia Hinchliffe.  John and Amelia raised their family in Kennebec, Lyman, SD.  Their son, Walter Ernest, married to Clara Holter took their family to Washington State when things got tough during the Dust Bowl.  I would love  more information on the BRISBINES if  anyone has any. Thanks,
Dec. 18, 2004
CARLSON Martin Paul CARLSON lived in or near Presho  from about 1919 until his death. I'm looking for any living relatives. Al Carlson

-Researching the DAVIS family: Henry Wilson Davis - d. Oct 7 1953 in Chamberlain. Parents were Wm. and Christina STEWART Davis; Wm. Mattson Davis - d. Apr. 13, 1942, parents were Henry W. and Bessie GLEE-FELTON; Loren Henry Davis - d. June 25 1987 in Chamberlain, parents Henry and Bessie. Arthur Davis 4115 Pennsylvania Ave. Joplin, MO 64804
Dec 2, 2002

Darrell Donelan, originally from Reliance, Lyman County, now of Dell Rapids, SD is looking for a copy of the article on the DONELAN homestead published in the Chamberlain-Oacoma Register
ca 1997-1999.
 June 9, 2003

  I am looking for information on my paternal grand-parents, Benjamin Howard DORMAN, d. Sep 1968 at Kennebec and Lillian SCOTTNESS Dorman, d. May 1985 at Kennebec.   May 2002 Betty Huber 5955 N. Alder Point Pl. Boise ID 83703-2077
EDEM/ENANG -  Interested in anyone with the last name EDEM or ENANG.  Hope to find father or relatives.

 Am looking for info on Joseph "Joe" FALLIS who m. Maggie BOYD, they had 10 children: Antoine Fallis, b.1897, John Charles Fallis, b. 1899, Hermione Fallis,
b. 1901, Agnes Fallis, b.1904, Joseph Howard Fallis, b.1906, Julia Irene Fallis, January15, 1909, Elizabeth Virginia Fallis, b. 1911, Philip Felicia Fallis, b.1913, Robert Fallis, b. 1915 and Josephine Fallis, b.
1917. Also looking for Josephine Fallis, b.1863, daughter of Felicia Fallis and Elizabeth, she m. Nobbie Norbert LAROCHE need their children and who they married. Philip Fallis, b. 1872, m. Elizabeth
Mary BUTLER, and need their children, Jeanette and Edward Fallis. Charles b. Fallis, b. 1878; Grover Cleveland Fallis, b. September 11, 1884 and need info Felicia Fallis Jr. m. Betsey, only have 2 children
for them. Thanks for your time, Diane Dolatoski   21 Dec 2005

family. I am a descendant of Walter Fletcher and Eva FORSBERG Fletcher who were married in Reliance  in 1903. I would be interested in getting copies of any obituaries or their marriage from newspaper clippings. Sincerely, Robbi Anderson, Mpls, Minn

 researching George E., FLOYD, d. 11.22.1973 and Esther FLOYD, d. 1.1.1978.  Mary Peterson 2568 Edgemont Ave. Waterloo, Iowa 
April 2002

Want information on Loren FRANCIS who moved from Peoria Co IL to Lyman Co.  in 1919? Listed in 1920 census Loren was 37, Flora 34. Forrest L. 13, Alice 9. Wilbur 4, and Edith Marie
6 mo.

Looking for info on Henry Charles Goodale b. 06/1859 MI,  wife, Rachel (Baskins) b.01/1860 Penn. dau. Ida b.01/1900 SD. Looking for Henry's parents names. May have worked Lower Brule Indian Reservation,  would like to confirm.

Am looking for Halverson. Good Norwegian name like that should be easy to find in SD. My family was in Ortley, Roberts Co., in the early 1900s. Thanks for any help.

Looking for descendents of Gertrude HALVERSON, my grandmotherís sister. Ron Kjonegaard

 My great-grands were Harry A Holmes and Eliza Ett Elliott of Chamberlain and Donald H Clark and Rose Mary Bustorf-STONE of (Reliance).  My grandparents were Calvin Hawley Holmes and Ruth Ellen Clark.  My mother, Margaret Mae Holmes, was born in  Oacoma. Do you know anything about Gladine Sheffer?   Oct. 2005

  My source for the SD families is Virgil KENNEDY of Vivian. I spoke with him last year by phone only.

/HELLING/HAGLER - Virginia ( Hubbard) Helling, the daughter of Jack Hubbard and his wife Rosa (Hagler) Hubbard, is looking for any info on the families. Appreciate your kindness!   Jan.2005_

You listed a marriage for Percy HULCE/Emma BRANTSTNER (1912). They had at least two children: Francis L. Hulce (b. ca. 1914) and Durward C. Hulce (b. 8 Apr 1916-d. 25 Sep 1989).  That's all I have on this branch of my family. I would greatly appreciate anything you have. Thanks in advance. Mark C. Branstner   Great Lakes Research, Inc. 210 E. Sherwood Road Williamston, MI 48895  1.517.347.4791. April 2005

I am trying to find my grandmotherís family. They are related to a Anna and Jens Julius Hvistendahl. Oscar, Ruth and Esther Hvistendahl were cousins. All in South Dakota and Iowa. There is an uncle named Hans Petersen married to a Cinda Petersen from Iowa. Anyone have any information on these families? My grandmother's name was Louise Carolyn Peterson born 1898. Iím not sure if my great-grandmother's name was Christina or

Seeking information for Ralph PAVLIN, b. 13 Oct 1915, d. Feb 1986, last residence at Presho, S.D. His mother's name was Matilda (b.9 Aug 1891 Bonesteel,S.D.).Her last marriage was to Earl Thomas CAREY. Need info relating to her several marriages and need her surname. Thanks  Ronald H. BUBB

I am interested in learning how the town of Kennebec came by its name, when was it first settled ? I have ancestors with the surname of  KENNEBEC(K). I have located some information at the Lyman County site on line, there seems to have been two Kennebec families who owned farmland in Kennebec, Range 75/Map26. One was located in Sec8/40acres and the otherwas located in Sec17/80acres. Are there any known descendants of these two families still living in the area ? I live in the far
NE part of IL, McHenry County, which is where my Kennebec(k) ancestors settled in 1843. They did have family members in Wis. and Minn. after I came across the town of Kennebec SD, I believe there may be a connection here.  Sandie Schwarz

What about obits from Vivian Wave? Looking for KENNEDYS: Walter, Mary Alice, Frank, Roy, etc.? Thank you. gkrummer@netins.net_

KRUPP/LIPP - I am looking for someone who has info about my family. The name is KRUPP. All I know is that they came to the U.S from Essen; settled in Kansas City MO, then came to South Dakota. If these names are familiar it would help in my search. Names: Emil James KRUPP, Emil Peter KRUPP, Ella Virginia LIPP. Thanks. Beth Medina

I'm doing genealogy research for LAROCHE.   I read the biography of Joseph Norbert LaRoche and was wondering if there are any photos of him or any other information you might have.   I know he was married to Angelique LECOMPTE.Thank you, Mary Rantz  

I am looking for information on the following people: Horace W. LEBLOND b. 1854 d. 1925; Horace Ward LEBLOND b. 1908 d. 22 May 1954, 46 years old; Lizzie B. LEBLOND b. 1868 d. 1940 and Ruth LEBLOND b. 1906 d. 1941. Any information such as obits would be great.Ardella Cottrill. 

My dad's name was Shea F. Lindamood. He was registered to teach in Lyman County for the school year l925-26. I think it might be Kennebec High School since I have a 4" high basketball trophy which had been presented to him.  It states "Shea Lindamood - Coach K.H.S. - Boys B.B.Team of '26".  I think he was also a math teacher. I certainly would appreciate anything you might have on him. Thank you, Mona Lindamood Deckard  PO Box 163 Gamaliel, KY 42140

- Where can I buy a copy of a recently published book about growing up around Vivian Lyman Co SD in the 1930s.  The title was something about a lantern in a hand.   March 2005

 I am researching my ancestors who I am fairly certain lived in Lyman/Jones County. They are listed in the index to the book "Proving Up" and am hoping someone can help me. Linda Manley-Kuitu,  Woodbury, MN

I need any information on Peter MANORE who is buried in St. Anthony's Cemetery. Also need his father's name, where and when he was born. Any info appreciated. Thanks.

  Anyone in Charles Mix or Gregory Counties remember the families of Charles and Anna Marshall, Samuel and Lizzie (Marshall) Lindley Carl and Ida (Marshall) Anderson, James and Maggie Marshall, Thomas Marshall? They resided in the Wheeler, Bonesteel, Burke and Geddes areas. Any information welcome. Melody Marshall 

/SLAUGHTER - I'm working backwards. I have birth data for Roy Albert MCFARLAND, born 4 Mar 1907 in Presho, Lyman, SD to Daniel Bert McFarland and Delana May SEWELL. Daniel was a photographer in Presho in 1909. Beyond that, I don't know anything; no dates for Daniel or Delana, no siblings. All I
have is Roy's death record (25 Aug 1962 in Clinton, Iowa) and the basic facts about his wife, Thelma Arlene SLAUGHTER. They have a daughter, still living. If anyone knows about the McFarlands or Sewells I'd be grateful if he/she would share. I'd be happy to send Roy and his parentsí data.
MCGOWAN - Do you have any information about Henry MCGOWAN, the sheriff? I didn't find much on my George McGowan. Just one article which mentioned that he was head of a roundup to removed cattle from Indian land which was going to open for settlement. Karen
MCINTIRE- Helen Poland,  (PO Box 43, Gem, KS 67734) is working on the McIntyre family history and would appreciate any information she can find. The McIntire family were former Reliance, Lyman County, residents. July 2004
MENARD/MANORE/MESNARD - Hi Barbara, Here is my family tree. If you want to put it in your Family Histories section you have my permission.  Duane  03/16/04

Looking for any information on Henry Joseph E .Meyer in Lyman County.    Feb. 2005
MIDGUARD - I am researching the Knute MIDGUARD family. There were several who came from Norway in the 1890's. They originally settled in Lake County, South Dakota, and I only now am finding out that several lived in Jones and Lyman counties, homesteading and then apparently buying land. Knute applied for naturalization in Lyman County and I believe that his three daughters died there before 1918 or so. They would be Fern, Gladys and Florence.  "His wife's 1967 obituary states that she and Knute homesteaded near Murdo where they raised cattle and operated an 'inland store. They returned to Sioux Falls in 1918. March 2, 2005

searching for info  about the SATHER/MILLAGE families. My grandfather was Edward Sather, b. in Lincoln county. He had two sisters, Anna
and Jennie ( in one note she is referred to as Seina ) we think her birth date was 1875 but we don't know where. There were the three children in the Knute and Jorannd
(or Johanna ) SATHRE family. (spelling originally was Sathre then changed to Sather )   Seems this Seina had 11 or 12 children.  We think Seina m. Silas Millage and 
Anna also m. a Millage. Knute and Jorannd a immig. to the U.S. in 1867 on the ship " Nora " where daughter Anna was born. We know nothing of where Seina--Jennie--
was born.   The only one we have heard about is an Oscar Millage of Brule county who d. Sept. 24,1918 from influenza. Any info will be appreciated. We would like
to contact any living cousins. Thank you, Barbara Larson 1026 Tom St. Vermillion, SD 57069  December 01, 2005

Looking for any information on Clara Wilhelmine (HOELSCHER) MUELLER. Clara was the seventh of 12 children born
to Christian and Anna (STEMMERMANN) Holscher. She was b. August 1, 1877 at Burr, Nebraska. She was listed as Mrs. Clara Mueller residing at Presho, S.D. in an obituary of one her sisters which was dated May 2, 1940. First name of spouse unknown but may have been Helmuth H. Mueller. Clara probably died between 1940 and 1952. Marlan Holmes
MUNGER - Lois Munger, 2016 Yellowstone Ave. Billings MT researching Lulu (Mrs. Will) Munger, d. in March of 1945. April 9 2004
MURPHY/MCMULLEN/DUFFY/DUFFEY- I was interested in gathering information on  Mary B. MURPHY (if she was married to William Murphy), Edward MCMULLEN and Anna McMullen.  Also interested in info on Edward, Anna McMullen  or Joe DUFFY/DUFFEY.  Karyn Berg 03/07/04

Do you have an obit for John Navin?  And is this the John Navin who was born about 1840 in Ireland?  Pat Navin is the son, Patrick J., who John lived with
in Presho.  The sad story is that he left a wife and 7 children;  the inspiring story is that she kept the family together and raised them all by herself.  I met her 40-plus years
ago in Seattle, where the family landed, and she was the definition of "spunky"! Thanks, Paula (one of his zillion great-grandchildren)    July 2004

0'TOOLE - I am looking for any info on the O'TOOLE  family.  My g-grandfather is Charles O'Toole. I think he had family in Lyman Co.  Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you, Lisa D.    July 2005

- I am researching my mother Mable Marie Peyton. She was the daughter of Charles and Nellie Peyton early pioneers. All my life my mother told me that she was born March 1, 1915 in Kennebec, Lyman Co.   In my research I find that her older brother, Ralph Eugene Peyton, was born on January 18, 1915. That makes my mother's birth impossible. Any help you can give, or advise where to turn next, would be much appreciated. Thank you, Deb
PURVIS Looking for information on the PURVIS family. help appreciated. Thanks, Dan Peterson <
REILLEY/KOOB - I am looking for a John Patrick Reilley.  His wife was Maggie Koob. They had a son named Charles George Reilley. He was born in 1913, in Brule County.
RUTAN - Hi Barbara, Where was Hartley SD?  I have been going over postcards sent to Pearl RUTAN when she moved to Kadoka.  I don't know where Hartley was/is!
Can you help?  Lola M. Weber Lola 

SCHMITZ - My buddy Norbert J. Schmitz aged 18 and from South Dakota, was lost overboard from our ship May 20th 1945, the US Tanker SS The Dalles passing thru Torres Strait. I have tried
numerous sources without success to find Bert's next of kin who I think came from Roswell, Miner County. A John Hallberg Institute for Regional Studies NDSU has given me a clue: 1930 census County,
S.D. enumeration dist 49-19 sheet 3-b lines 53 to 62. My interest is to ensure next of kin receive his medals, perhaps insurance and to give them details of his demise 59 years ago. john r bird P.O. Box 96
Cooktown 4871 Queensland. Australia.

SEHY - Hello, I am researching my family.  I am looking for Henry  Sehy or HE Sehy .Thanks, Gina Goede   June 2004

My grandfather, Richard Charles SPAIN, and other members of his family secured land grants and purchased land in Lyman County in the late 1800ís and
early 1900ís. There is no map to show me where their property was located. A township map showing range and township numbers is essential to determine these location. Are these maps available on-line or where can they be purchased ? Thank You, Richard Kiernan

Looking for descendents of Raymond E. STAININGER, formerly of Kennebec and Chamberlain. I have papers that belong to them and it would be really exciting for me to personally hand them to someone in that family. I will be visiting your website soon to check on the name. I hope that you will keep in touch with me, and that we can find someone to take these off my hands. Cindy 
April 01, 2004
STEWART/WHITFORD - Anyone know anything about Anna Stewart who married William Whitford (in 1917) such as maiden name  or ex husbands name. Thank you,  March 2005
THORNHILL - My grandfather Charles H THORNHILL died in a hotel fire in 1944.  He had two large farms in Presho, Lyman county. I need to find out everything I can while he was living in South Dakota
VICKNEY/KEMP - Looking for info on Mildred VICKNEY and Bernard KEMP. Thanks so much! Leanna    06/01/04 

I'm looking for information on Lewis L. Wamsley, b. September 1828 in New Jersey. He is the father of Louisa WAMSLEY Dinehart, b.29 November 1854 in Michigan, d. 2 February 1937 in Lyman County. I saw in the 1900 census that he was living with Willian and Louisa Dinehart in Lyman County. Did he die in Lyman County? If so when? Did his wife Sybel Waterman Wamsley,
b. February 1830, lived with the Dineharts also? If so did she die in Lyman County and when?  Lewis Wamsley is my 2nd gg-father. Barbara Lutz 

Looking for information on Oliver B. (Bert) Warren. He was granted a land patent in 1908 for about 148 acres in Lyman County. If he homesteaded in this land it was probably between 1903 and 1910. He married EthelBenedict in Dec 1904 in Linton, Emmons County, North Dakota. The 1910 Census shows him and his family living in Delmont, Douglas County, South Dakota. I have not found him in the 1900 census but he would have been 16 at the time and probably living with his parents
in Delmont. Any information  appreciated.
WIDEBURG - Looking for information on Lucille Wideburg?  Norman Wideburg   10/14/04
Lucinda Smith, Nellie Reed, Blanch Turrish (?), Julia Selesea (?), Sarda Jameson, Louisa Houser, Mattie Johnson, Ethel Kennedy, Josephine Peak, Miss Taylor, Miss Keck, Maybell Coffey (or Goffey) Nellie Howley, Mary Shaw and Laura Johnson are the names on the back of a photo I have found. These young ladies appear to be classmates in an Indian school circa 1885-1905 on a reservation in South Dakota. Sound familiar to anyone?  Oct. 2005


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