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Updated Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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MOLASH -  I was born April 28, 1962. My father is James R. Molash, my mother is Alice P. (Addison) Molash, I have a son James Daniel Molash, and twin daughters Alicia and Aleta Molash. I would be so thankful to receive some medical history. I suffer from arthritis and my maternal family did not. Lisa Molash <>   13 Apr 2011
PETERSON - You have some information on my grandfather J P Peterson married to Christina lived in Lyman County S Dakota, moved to Canada in 1910 or 11. Sons James, Chris, Theodore, Elmer, and Louis; step daughters Christina, Mary and Anna. I am the daughter of Theodore. My E-mail is my mail address is Box 634 St Walburg, Saskatchewan Canada, SOM2T0.   Mae Brunet               March 3, 2011

MCGUIGAN -   I wish to thank you on the information regarding the McGuigan family. The people in question were Francis (Called Frank) & Celilna (Robillard) McGuigan. It was most useful and indeed those names are of the same family Iím researching.  A King man also married one of the Robillard girls that were also related to the McGuigans. I'm most interested in my grandmother, Mary (McMahon) Callahan, who was born in Union County, SD in May of 1893.  Her mother died a few hours later after giving birth so she was raised by her grandparents, Frank and  Celine (Robillard) McGuigan.  The McGuigans moved to Lyman County outside of Kennebec and only lived in there a short time, about 1903 to 1909. It was still a pretty wide open and wooly area.  She said one night her grandmother and some of the other children were home when several Indians on horseback came near the ranch and began firing guns off into the air.  Grandma Callahan said her grandmother hid everyone in a storm cellar outside and stood guard with a gun until they Indians rode off.   I have not been able to find any land records as to where the ranch may have been located.  They next moved to Lawrence County outside of Spearfish and began a ranch there. Would like to hear from anyone knowing about this family. Thank you, Kim Callahan    Iím sending a picture of my great-grandparent's ranch outside Kennebec in circa 1907, in the event someone may recognize it.  <kkc@vyn.midco.netFeb 28 2011

CLAYTON - Thanks to your work I have finally found the resting place of my ggg grandfather!  The stone says C. C. Clayton but you were able to identify him as "Comadore C. Clayton" even though you used the spelling that has been handed down in our family -- Commodore.  The 1870 Census lists him as illiterate, (which is probably at least partially responsible for the multiple spellings).  I descend through his daughter Myra Elvira Clayton, whose resting place I still seek.  I am also very intrigued by her sister, Mary Clayton, whom family tradition insists was "the first white woman West of the Missouri."  And......supposedly her life story is told in the 1911 Gene Stratton-Porter novel The Harvester!  Any insight to either of these family traditions?  What scant information I have found on her indicates she lived Northeast of Iona.  Whether that was the spot where she first crossed the Missouri, I cannot say.  The book, Iona Heritage, has a page about Commodore Clayton!  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,  Van Johnson<>   Feb 18, 2011
HICKEY - I just want to let you know that my grandpa Raymond Augustus Hickey married to Aileen Lester. Raymond middle name is not G. Thanks, Tina Harmon Hayton <silentsigner62@att.netNote: Error at State level      Feb 18 2011






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