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1909 Business Directory
A small town, and county seat of Perkins county, 35 miles
south of Lemmon, the nearest railroad point. Population 150.

Last Name                        First Name     Business
Aldrich                              H. H.              county treasurer
Barrett                              E. F.               county auditor
Berdahl                            John               president Bison State Bank
Bingham                           L. C.              constable
Bingham & Smith                                    meat market
Bingham Bros.                                        hardware and farm machinery
Bison Courier (w)                                    L C Emerson publisher
Bison State Bank                                    John Berdahl pres
Blanchard & Son              Geo. L.           city real estate and farm lands
Brown Bros.                                            abstracts and loans
Carlson                            C. L.                register of deeds
Carr                                 Ann M.             postmaster
Carr                                 George H.        drugs and medicines
Carr                                                         see Vickers & Carr
Coffaa                              W. E.               restaurant
Emerson                           L. C.               publisher Bison Courier
Erlandson Lumber Co.
Finegan                                                  see Kusske & Finegan
Fitch                                 Ed                  real estate
Fletcher                            O. H.              sheriff
Glynn                              John                barber
Halver & Halver                                      general merchandise
Halver & Vickers                                     livery
Helm                               P. H.                attorney-at-law
Kusske & Finegan                                  furniture and undertakers
Parker                            Archie G.         clerk of courts
Perkins                           D. R.                county judge, attorney-at-law
Perkins County Abstract Co.
Peterson                          C. O.               blacksmith
Pullman                           Roy                hotel
Raney                             Robert             pool hall
Rogers                            Simon             justice peace
Smith                                                     see Bingham & Smith
Tice                              Charles E.         county assessor
Tice                              Grace Baird      county superintendent schools
Vickers                           F. E.                justice peace
Vickers                                                  see Halver & Vickers
Vickers & Carr                                       real estate, auto livery
Western Land, Loan & Insurance Co.

1916 Business Directory
The county seat 40 miles s e of Hettinger N D, on the C M & St P Ry the shipping point. Has a
Presbyterian church, 2 banks and a hotel. A weekly newspaper the Courier is published. Sttage daily from Lemmon, fare $5.  L S Bingham P M.

Last Name                First Name        Business
Aacker                                               see Anderson & Aacker
Anderson & Aacker                           gen store
Berdahl                     Jno                  cashr, Bison State Bank
Berdahl                     Jno                  real est
Bingham Grocery Co.
Bison Courier                                    Bison Publishing Co pubs
Bison Pub Co.                                   (Chas S Reed), pubs Bison Courier
Bison State Bank                              (capital $10,000), C E Olstad, pres; Jno Berdahl, cashr
Brower                      Benj.                meats
Brown Bros.                                       abstracts
Carr                           Geo. H.            drugs
Drewry                       R. F.                lawyer
Farmers State Bank                          (Capital $10,000), Adam Hannah, pres; C F Peterson, cashr.
                                                         (See adv)
Hannah                      Adam              pres, Farmers State Bank
Hanson                       Tilton             barber
Hotel Bison                                       Mrs Geo W Williams propr
Laughlin                     Thos               blksmith
McNulty                      L. P.               States Attorney
Olstad                        C. E.                pres, Bison State Bank
Perkins                      D. R.                lawyer
Perkins County Abstract Co.
Peterson                    C. F.               cashr, Farmers State Bank
Peterson                    C. F.               real est
Raney                        Robt               automobiles
Reed                         Chas. S.          Bison Pub Co.
Robertson                  R. W.              grocer
Sanderson                 E. S.               garage
Sanderson & Son      J. A.                blksmiths
Tubbs                        A. S.               county surveyor
Walker                      J. Frank          phys
Williams                    C. L.               livery
Williams                    Geo. W. (Mrs.) Propr Hotel Bison
Wunder                     Nicholas         shoemkr

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