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Perkins County, SD

Birth Certificates were not required in SD until 1906 - and compliance with the law
was very inconsistant for several years after the law was passed in 1906.

Delayed birth registrations were accepted by the state so that persons needing a
birth certificate could obtain one. Many delayed certificates were issued during World War II
when proof of citizenship was required to work in factories and shipyards.

Many more were issued when these folks became eligible for Social Security retirement
benefits and needed proof of age

Name                 Sex         DOB      Date Filed   Mother                  Father
ADKINS,HELEN          F        1/9/1906    5/29/1943   THERESA KARRELS         CASS ADKINS
BACKMAN,ADOLPH        M      08/22/1899   11/12/1942   HULDA ANDERSON          ALFRED BACKMAN
BACKMAN,AGNES         F      10/10/1901     1/6/1943   HILDA BACKMAN           ALFRED BACKMAN
BACKMAN,ELLEN         F       7/26/1904     7/9/1942   ULDA ANDERSON           ALFRED BACKMAN
BEHRMANN,JOHN         M       5/29/1905    6/30/1925   LILLIAN ERICKSON        SOPHUS BEHRMANN
BENFIT,MARGARET       F       10/8/1907    8/15/1969   MARGARET EBERLY         JOHN BENFIT
BLISS,FLORENCE        F       9/14/1902   11/12/1942   SARAH REED              FRANK BLISS
BOEHRS,CLARENCE       M       10/5/1907    9/30/1918   BERTHA JACKSON          CARL BOEHRS
BOEHRS,ERNEST         M        6/1/1906     9/4/1918   BERTHA JACKSON          CARL BOEHRS
BOEHRS,GRACE          F       2/25/1905    9/30/1918   BERTHA JACKSON          CARL BOEHRS
BOUGHTON,LLOYD        M      05/20/1895    2/26/1955   ELIZABETH HAINSTOCK     GEORGE BOUGHTON
CARTER,LORENA         F       4/12/1905    7/18/1959   ALICE BREWER            JAMES CARTER
CASTNER,MARGARET      F       1/20/1906    9/23/1938   FLORA LONG              CHARLES CASTNER
CLEVEN,MARLIS         F      12/10/1907    4/27/1939   KATHERINE LINGSCHEIT    JACOB CLEVEN
COSGROVE,BERTHA       F      08/21/1899    3/31/1942   ANNETTE SPENCER         GEORGE COSGROVE
COSGROVE,BERTRAND     M      08/21/1899    3/31/1942   ANNETTE SPENCER         GEORGE COSGROVE
COSGROVE,HUGH         M      11/23/1901    3/31/1942   ANNETTE SPENCER         GEORGE COSGROVE
DAVIS,WILLIAM         M      01/27/1879    3/12/1937   BESSIE WILSON           HENRY DAVIS
DELONG,DONALD         M        8/1/1907    2/26/1943   ELIZABETH INGLETHRON    LEUI DELONG
DERRICKSON,LOTTIE     F       9/28/1904     2/8/1943   MARY BRECKENRID         FRANCIS DERRICKSON
DOUGLAS,HARRIET       F        7/4/1905    6/17/1942   JENNIE GIVENS           JOHN DOUGLAS
DUNCAN,GLADYS         F       5/28/1904    3/31/1944   VORELLA BEARD           WOODSON DUNCAN
DUNN,JESSIE           F       6/11/1906    9/11/1942   KATHERINE GOEDERT       WILLIAM DUNN
ERICKSON,IVAR         M       2/18/1907    11/7/1945   BERTHA PETERSON         ALBIN ERICKSON
GOETZ,MARY            F        9/9/1905    8/20/1965   MARGARET HERRBACH       VALENTINE GOETZ
GREEN,FRED            M        6/6/1906    9/16/1939   JOSEPHINE DIPPERT       CHARLES GREEN
GREEN,PEARL           F        5/4/1905    6/13/1942   JOSEPHINE DIPPERT       CHARLES GREEN
HALL,FLOYD            M       4/19/1900     2/4/1942   CORNELIA GILPATRICK     CHARLES HALL
HALL,LENORA           F      10/08/1898     2/4/1942   CORNELIA GILPATRICK     CHARLES HALL
HUYCK,IDA             F      10/05/1887   12/30/1955   ELLEN GOYETTE           MOSES HUYCK
JESFJELD,GEORGE       M        9/9/1904    7/16/1975   IDA TITLAND             OSMUND JESFJELD
KAUBISCH,AUGUST       M       2/16/1907   11/19/1942   MABEL WILCOX            HENRY KAUBISCH
LAMB,LAWRENCE         M      12/22/1906    12/3/1951   ALICE PEABODY           CLYDE LAMB
MACHESNEY,FERN        F        7/7/1907     5/6/1969   LOTTIE NOFFSINGER       GEORGE MACHESNEY
MERRILL,IONA          F      11/17/1907   11/16/1961   ISABEL KITTELSON        IRA MERRILL
NORDIN,LEROY          M      10/23/1906    2/17/1942   MARY DUNCAN             JOHN NORDIN
PACKER,ROBERT         M       9/22/1904     3/7/1940   JENNIE BACHAND          ROBERT PACKER
PATTERSON,RALPH       M      11/23/1905     6/7/1941   JENNIE DUKE             RALPH PATTERSON
REINOEHL,JENNY        F       1/31/1907    2/21/1958   OLLIE JACKSON           LORENZO REINOEHL
ROSS,FRANK            M      10/23/1904    9/12/1941   MARY BUCKLEY            CHARLES ROSS
RUD,RAGNA             F      10/30/1905    11/9/1955   GINA HANSON             HERMAN RUD
SCHELL,ROMOLIUS       M       9/24/1906    1/10/1919   ROSINA VOLK             JOHN SCHELL
SETTLE,STELLA         F       8/11/1900    1/19/1942   NONA STILLMAN           CHARLES SETTLE
SKRETTEBERG,SIGNE     F       10/3/1906    9/29/1969   EMMA MYHREN             CHRISTIAN SKRETTEBERG
SMEBAKKEN,EFFIE       F        3/2/1902    5/25/1943   MATHILDA JOHNSON        GUSTAV SMEBAKKEN
SMEBAKKEN,MARY        F       7/27/1900    5/25/1943   MATHILDA JOHNSON        GUSTAV SMEBAKKEN
THURBER,CLARK         M      02/02/1898    3/18/1943   GRACE PROPER            WALTER THURBER
VANDERLEY,ZONA        F      11/26/1907    4/17/1964   EVA CASE                WILLIAM VANDERLEY
VEAL,VIRGIL           M        1/4/1905    1/12/1952   MILLICENT MILES         THOMAS VEAL
WICKERSHAM,GLADYS     F      08/21/1895   11/20/1956   MARY STROH              WILLIAM WICKERSHAM
WICKERT,CHRISTINA     F       5/12/1904     2/8/1967   ANNA KRAMER             PETER WICKERT
WOOD,FREDERIC         M       8/22/1907    5/19/1943   RUBT ALLBRIGHT          FREDERICK WOOD

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