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A Sod home on the prairie near Meadow, South Dakota.  Two men standing beside two horses and a woman seated on the ground with chicks around her, in back of a sod house. Chicken coop made of wood branches on side of house. People unidentified.

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A Flock of sheep on a South Dakota ranch, near Meadow, South Dakota. Sheep grazing on bottom land near stream.


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Another type of sod house, near Meadow, South Dakota.  Well-dressed woman standing in front of a square sod house with shingle roof. House has screen door, stovepipe, two planters hanging from front eaves, and two windows on right side. Dog (perhaps eating out of pan with a cat) also visible.

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 Frank J. Hulm sod house near Meadow, South Dakota.  A House built to withstand time and the elements : cool in the summer, warm in the winter.  Close view of sod house with shingle roof and much of whitewash gone. Lean-tos on both sides. Lean-to at far end is open.

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A Sturdily built home of the first settlers : Frank J. Hulm, Meadow, South Dakota.  Two structures, one in close foreground. Structures look more like barns than houses. Closest is covered with tarpaper. Farthest building is whitewashed and of sod construction with boards covering part of side. Roof is shingles.
Built in 1907-1908, torn down 10-4-63.

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The First home of the early pioneer : on a homestead near Meadow, South Dakota.  Sod house with snow on the ground. Door, two windows, and stovepipe visible. Blankets (?) on the ground and two wooden poles supporting exterior wall of the sod house.

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Pioneer hotel built of sod on a ranch near Meadow, South Dakota: the old Bismarck trail went through this place, it was a stopping place for travelers, Thomas B. Veal home, 1900-1917. Three sod structures built together with a wooden lean-to on nearest end. Another sod out-building visible on far left side. Visible are a stovepipe, woman by lean-to, wagon wheels leaning up beside lean-to, and wooden poles leaning on part of sod structure. Large sign, "Pioneer Hotel," above lean-to.

CREATED/PUBLISHED [bet. 1900 and 1917]
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1909 Business Directory
A postoffice in Perkins county. Lemmon the railroad and trading point. Population of neighborhood 40.

Last Name             First Name       Business
Beck                    Roy
Bennett               C. A.
Edvison               John
Fahey                  D. J.
Ganger                Walter
Helvig                  Oscar
King                     F. G.
McCarthy              J. W.
McDonald            Frank
Miller                   D. J.
Montgomery        Fred
Moore                 Louis A.            postmaster
Nelson Bros.
Peterson              C. E.
Skiles                   I. T.
Stahl                    M.
Stambaugh          E. E.
Vernon                Tom

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