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Homesteaders at Strool, South Dakota.
Four men in front of a sod house, each holding a rifle or gun.
One man is seated, another has a pipe in his mouth.
One window and a stovepipe visible.   Pile of tree branches
beside house. Possibly snow on ground.

Library of Congress American Memory Project]

1909 Business Directory
A new postoffice and small town in Perkins county. Hettinger, S. D., the nearest railroad point. Population 50.

Last Name                First Name      Business
Allen                        Geo. R.            pres, First State Bank
Anderson                  H. N.                blacksmith
Bevik                        Theodore        carpenter and builder
Bogle                        C. E.                billiards
Bullis                        T. W.               barber
Burgess                    A. N.                harness and saddlery
Catholic Church                               Rev Chas Vernig priest
Condon                    D. C.                livery and stage line
Emerson                   L. C.                publr Perkins County Leader
Erlandson                 L. C.                publisher, Perkins County Leader
Erlandson Lumber Co.
First State Bank                               Geo R Allen pres, S A Smith
                                                        vice-pres, J Toner cashier,    B A
                                                        Ringham asst cashier
Foley                       James              livery
Jones                       H. C.                ice dealer
Jordan                     Martha (Mrs.)   dressmaker
Madison                   John                brick mason
Meyer                      Herman            prop, Strool Hotel
Perkins County Leader (w)               L C Erlandson publisher
Ringham                   B. A.                asst cashier, First State Bank
Shine's Place                                   boarding house
Simons                    John                 cigar manufacturer
Smith                      S. A.                 vice-pres, First State Bank
Strand                     M. L.                 collections, notary public
Strool Hotel                                     Herman Meyer prop
Strool Land Co.                                real estate
Syvert                     Sein                  carpenter and builder
Tamons Bros.                                  general merchandise
Toner                      J.                      cashier, First State Bank
Toner                      W. J.                 cashier, First State Bank
Vernig                    Chas. (Rev.)       priest, Catholic Church
Wiprud Bros.                                   genl mdse and farm implements

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