Golden Wedding Anniversary of JE Labrie and Marie Louise Brousseau was probably held in summer 1894


The girls are the granddaughters and grandnieces of the couple. They led the procession in the church, scattering flowers. Rev Armond Labrie of Momence, IL, son of the couple, celebrated the mass.

Those pictured are: (back row) Florence Frigon, Ezilda Labrie, Mary Louise Labrie, Alvina Labrie, Corrine Labrie, Marie Brousseau, Victoria Labrie, Amelia St. Peter, Victoria Labrie. (front row) Louse Brosseau, Lucilla Labrie on the lap of Joseph Eusabe Labrie, Lucille Labrie on lap, Marie Louise Brousseau Labrie, Deneige Labrie (in back) Bertha Labrie on lap of Anita St. Peter, Daisy Labrie.

Working assumption: This event was held in Spink County, SD, probably in early summer of 1894. A likely site is the Frankfort church of St. Anne. Another option might be St. Louis Catholic Church in Turton which Ferdinand LaBrie built. St. Louis was a 'mission' site at the time, but the LaBrie's own son Fr Armond led the service. Perhaps this event also served as a farewell before the couple moved back to Illinois in fall 1894.

All these young girls pictured lived in Spink County. An unsigned list of the people pictured is on the back of this photo, and that's what is entered in the caption for this photo but I can't get the names to match people who I know were living there.

Here's what I have: Beginning in the back row: Florence Frigon, b 1885, daug of Eugenia Nault Labrie. Ezilda Labrie, b 1884, dau of Charles Labrie. Mary Louise Labrie -- would this be Marie Louise Lucille Labrie b 1886 or Pearl Mary Louise Labrie b 1890? She’s little, but is she little enough to be 5 years old? Alina ia probably Leila Alia, born to Nat Labrie in 1984 with her sister Corrine Labrie, b 1887, dau of Anatole Ferd “Nat” Labrie. Marie Brosseau b 1887, dau of Joseph Oliva Brosseau. Victoria Labrie b 1886, dau of Alfred Labrie. Amelia St. Peter later becomes Aneeta or Anita Labrie and married Shorty Remily. Victoria Labrie – another Victoria? Older, or at least taller than the rest? Who is this? Front Row: Louise Brosseau, b 1885 dau of Joseph Oliva Brosseau. Lucille Labrie on lap—is this Lucille Olivine Labrie b 1890, dau of Ferdinand? Joseph Eusabe Labrie Sr. Baby on JEL’s other leg is also named Lucille Labrie? Looks about 2-3 years old so born 1892 or 93? Who is this?

Marie Louise Brosseau Labrie, celebrating 50 years of marriage. Deneige Labrie, b 1883, dau of Ferdinand. Bertha Labrie b 1888, dau of Ferdinand Labrie. Anita St. Peter b 1881, dau of Joseph L St Peter and Constance Labrie. DaIsy Labrie, b 1879, dau of JE Labrie, Jr. This must have been the social event of the French Community, since every girl aged 8 to 12 years old is there. JE Labrie Jr has two other girls in that range—Blanche 1882 and Elma 1884. Isn’t it kind of odd that they weren’t there and Daisy is? I can see that Anita St. Peter is older than the rest, but her two little sisters died who were of the right age. And could the little girl on JE’s knee be Laura Irene Labrie b 1892?

Another possible person is Ida Lucille Labrie b 1886 in North Dakota to Arthur Charles and I'm sure she's here somewhere. Her mother died of consumption the next year and AC Labrie remarried and moved to California where he died.

Joseph Eusabe Labrie, Sr  1845-1927  settled in Spink County 1880


Filed patent for Homestead holdings in Spink County, SD 
In 1880 arrived in Spink county, South Dakota, where he secured a tract of unbroken prairie land. With characteristic energy he began its development and broke about sixteen hundred acres in the first two years.

Dakota Territory 1886
Elected: 1886, One of first county commissioners elected to Spink . Organized townships, first school district, first school. Led the fight to sustain Ashton as county seat over Redfield.

Sumner Township, Spink, SD 1882
Sumner was organized as a civil township and named by Joseph E. Labrie

Sumner Township, Spink, SD 1882
Established first Sumner Post Office in his home. Mail came from Hastings, near Doland. Son Oliver was first mail carrier, from Hastings to Sumner.


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