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Queries since July 1, 2001!

Dean Johnson - 8 Feb 2014

I was wondering if anyone has the cemetery records for Fairview Cemetery in Northville. I am looking for the grave site of James M. Madden who died in Northville in 1886.

Kendall Mellem - 16 Aug 2012

James M. Potts and wife Mary (and in 1885 also daughter Emma) appear in the Spink Co. Censuses shown below.
Where would these enumeration districts have been located within the county?
1880 Census Dakota Territory > Spink > Not Stated > District 85
1885 South Dakota Territorial Census, Spink County, District 54
1890 Veterans' Schedule, Spink Co., SD, Township 117, Page 1, Supervisor's District 1, Enumeration District 359
(Census information via Ancestry.com)
Sheri Hyland Stuve - Sunday, 12 Aug 2012
Cadott, WI

My paternal great-great grandmother was Margaret Gray Wiser, born 6 March 1831 in Scotland. She came to Dodge Co, Wis and married a widower, Mathias Wiser (1807-1885 from Prussia) on 6 Jan 1854 in Dodge Co, WI.

After his death she moved to Redfield, Spink, SD in later years to live with a daughter (she had 3 daughters living in Spink Co, SD): Annie Katherine "Kate" Wiser Warden (1859-1920) buried in Spink Co, SD; Margaret "Maggie" (Joseph) Travis (1861-1948) of Frankfurt, Spink, SD and Helen (Alfred) Wiser Tyrell (1866-1944). I am not sure which daughter she lived with since she was still in WI in 1900.

Margaret, Sr Gray-Wiser died there at age 75 on 1 Sept 1906 but was evidently brought back to WI for burial with Mathias. I found her death listed on Ancestry, but don't know the names of her parents or exactly where in Scotland she was born and when she came to the US. I don't know if an obituary or death certificate listed those things for her.

If anyone can look up her death or if there is an obituary on file I would appreciate it.
Donna Robertson - Thu, 26 Aug 2004
I have FUNK and HEROLD ancestors in Spink County and would like to share information with others searching those names.
Francis Jackson - Fri, 20 Aug 2004
I'm researching info my gr grandfather's brother, Eber D Jackson's family whom were residents of Spink County 1887- 1911. In 1908, he was an official there and in 1911 he and his wife, Adelia Cook removed to California. His son, Jesse Eugene also resided there, marrying Nettie Myra Bird in Frankfort. They had two daughters, Hazel Adella [Lehfeldt], Verna Dale [Schutte] and a son, Jay Harden who married a Florence Stewart. I believe Jesse and his daughter Verna and her husband, William Schutte are all buried there. Any light you could shine on this helpful.
Pam Walsh Galbraith - Tue, 27 July 2004
I am resubmitting a query regarding Willard or William Walsh. I have found he and his wife Minnie M., child Wilma aged 7 and Marvin W. age 9/12 in the 1910 Exline, Spink, SD census. Any one who may know a descendent or where I may find any info I would appreciate communicating with you. Thanks
Ruby Coleman - Tue, 20 July 2004
I am seeking information on William Henry Clay Kimball, b. Nov. 1868 probably in Rock Island Co., IL to Leonard Kimball and Pheobe Jane "Jennie" Gressley. William probably married in southwest Iowa to a lady named Elizabeth. On the 1900 US Census they are in Ringgold Co., IA; 1910 they are in Mellette Twp., Spink Co., South Dakota; 1920 in Powell, Edmunds Co., South Dakota and in 1930 they are back in Northville Twp., Spink Co., South Dakota. They married in about 1889. I have no information on where they died or are buried ... perhaps Spink Co., South Dakota. Their known children were: Bazil E., b. 28 Aug 1894; Beulah, b. Feb. 1895, Eva, born about 1901 and Opal born about 1907. Any information on these people would be appreciated.
Sharon White-Wells - Mon, 12 July 2004
Looking for burial information on Harrison D. White who died September 4, 1884. According to a newspaper notice in Michigan, he died "at the residence of A. J. Van Auken of Tulare, Spink County, Dakota, where he had been spending several weeks with a view of selecting a new home." I have found no burial information in Spink County, or in Michigan where he lived before the trip to South Dakota. I would appreciate any help in locating information on him during his time in Tulare.
Barb Miller - Mon, 12 July 2004
Our family is trying to find out any information on our Great Grandfather and Grandmother, CHARLES RAMSEY WILSON and BERTHA (CLARK) WILSON and our Grandfather and Grandmother, HAZEL ONA (WILSON) MILLER and MANLEY MERRIT MILLER, SR. We are looking for Marriage certificate or info for Hazel “Ona” Wilson and Manley Miller - would have been 1915 or 1916. Looking for Obituaries, Death certificates and cemetery records for Charles “Chas” and Bertha (Clark) Wilson. Died in Frankfort but we don’t know dates or cemetery. Looking for Birth, Marriage and Death info for their extended families.
The Wilsons moved to Frankfort, South Dakota some time after 1904. The family appears on the 1910 census for Spink County, Frankfort Town. Charles was a farmer in Illinois and Iowa, but not sure if he farmed in South Dakota. On the 1910 Census he was the proprietor and owner of a Hotel on the East Side of Jefferson Avenue. Shows he owned it free of a mortgage. It must have had a restaurant attached because Grandma said that she would bake a dozen pies before breakfast.
CHARLES RAMSEY WILSON was born January 27, 1855 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, son of James R. Wilson and Sarah Snively.
BERTHA CLARK was born July 28, 1859 in Stark County, Elmira, Illinois, daughter of John Clark and Ann Bell.
Charles and Bertha Wilson were married on 11/17/1886 in Stark County, Wyoming, Illinois. (She signed Marriage certificate Inez Bertha Wilson.) Jessie, Fern, and Hazel Ona were all school teachers. Bliss was the drug store pharmacist. Manley Miller, Sr. was a mailman in Frankfort when he and Ona were first married and later was the Chief of Police in Lake Andes, South Dakota. They moved to Wisconsin and bought a farm. Hazel Ona and Manley were divorced after 28 years of marriage. She told of how he had a "personalilty change" after a kick in the head by a horse, and a few days in a coma. It made him more stubborn, paranoid, and difficult to live with. After the divorce Manley lived in Pickstown, SD & was power plant manager at Pickstown Dam until he moved back to Wisconsin in 1952 and became the Police Chief in Baraboo, Wisconsin.
i. JEAN WILSON, b. abt. 1888 Illinois, married Theodore Wiesflock
ii. GRACE WILSON, b. abt. 1890 Iowa, married Emil Franz
iii. JESSIE M. WILSON, b. abt. 1892 Iowa, married Howard Dietz
iv. HAZEL ONA WILSON, b. 1/14/1893 Iowa, married Manley Merrit Miller
v. FERN WILSON, b. abt. 1894 Iowa, married Archie Hite
vi. BLISS C. WILSON, b. abt. 1897 Iowa,
vii. I. RUTH WILSON, b. abt. 1901, Iowa, married Clayton Walker
viii. LULU A. WILSON, b. abt. 1904, Iowa, married Morgan Drake
Thank you very much for any help you can give in our search for our family history.
Kelly O'Brian - Sat, 26 June 2004
Looking for any information on this couple. Jacob was born in 1867 in Norway. He immigrated August of 1889 via New York. He began the Naturalization process in Spink County Oct. 31, 1890. LEE may have been his wife's maiden name which he then took as his own (his surname may have been Ronning). I believe they married in 1898 in Spink County. They had four children before she died in 1895 (Louise, a set of twins that died, and Herman). It appears that after Ingeborg pases away, the two children (Louise and Herman) remain in South Dakota and several years later are reunited with their father in Montevideo, Minnesota (1910 US Census for Montevideo, MN). I would like to know with whom they were living during those years.
Christopher R. Lowe - Fri, June, 11 2004
Marilyn LeVeque - Oceano, CA - Tues, 7 June 2004
My great grandfather, H.G.(Harmon Gilson) Brown, came to Doland, S.D. about 1881, with his family. He built a Boarding House & he is listed in the 1885 Census with 2 boarders & 1 servant girl & his family. He died on August 20th, 1894 in Doland, S.D. & I am told he is buried there & has a white marker with "H.G. Brown". Does anyone know which cemetery he is buried in or how I might find this inf.? I live in CA & have searched through the posted Cemetery lists & not found him. I was told there is a biography of him that is in a book in the Library in Doland, S.D.
Ada Marie Kerndt - Sun, 9 May 2004
I have info on James Holmes 1881-1975 I do need a birth date for wife Ida Severson Holmes who died in 1969. James & Ida spent their life in Spink CO. SD. I need info on the 8 daughters.
1. Ethel 28 Mar 1910-15 Jan 1995 who married a ...Heer, lived in CA,
2. Myrtle 26 Jul 1912-30 Nov. 1995 who married a Lyle B. Heer, lived in CA.Lyle 1915-1996
3. Evelyn who married a Herbert A.Olson, Sioux Falls, SD
4. Mabel who married a ...Larson, Sioux Falls, SD
5. Marcella 31 Jan. 1916-1 Mar. 2002 who married ...Gullekson who lived in MN ,
6. Edna who married a ...Leonard, lived in Omaha NE
7. Donna who married Joseph Ford, who lived in SanDiego, CA and
8. one that I don't know the name of.
THANKS for the help. AdaMarie Kerndt - 1619 Old Hwy 9 - Waukon, IA 52172
Peggy Wright - Fri, 30 Apr 2004
I am looking for any member of the Manely Foster family. Wife was Emma, six sons, Pearl, Floyd, Clarence, Lyle, Bernard, & Melvin. They lived in Mellete in Spink County. Emma was my dady's sister. any information on births, deaths, marriages, or cemeteries where buried will be greatly appreciated. E-mail me.
Virginia Borkowski - Tue, 13 Apr 2004
I am interested in the Frankenstein's that lived in Crandon Township. Carl Sr. came 1872 to U.S. at age 16 and Carl Jr. born in SD in 1880. He had two sons Melvin and Levi. I just want to trade information and see if any links to my husband's great-grandmother in Iowa.
Marilyn Maloney - Eagle Point, OR - Sun, 4 Apr 2004
I am looking for an obit for Ralph Emerson Shuey who died in Redfield, Sprink,SD on May 1978. His wifes name was Doris Helen Hale Shuey. He was born 30 May 1898 NE. parents Nathan and Jessie Usher Shuey.
AdaMarie Kerndt - Fri, 2 Apr 2004
I have information that I am willing to share but need a lot more such as info on the Herman Hahn family, Heer family, Holmes family, Leonard family, Ford family. My great grandfather was Ole K. Nelson who had 2 sisters Anne Nelson Renne and Inger Nelson Severson who went to Doland, SD and I am interested in any facts, pictures, etc. that anyone would like to share with me about their children and such. Anne 1856-1933, Inger 1858-1940. Ole K. remained in IA and have lots on that side to share including info on all of Ole's siblings.
Roel Struyve - Wed, 24 Mar 2004
Henri L. Struyve got a patent for 160 acres in Sumner, Spink County on 10/03/1889. I found this on the internet to my big surprise as I catalogued most of the Struy(v)e's (origin Flanders Belgium) and I never knew of anyone of my relatives who had migrated to the US. Any information whatsoever about this familyname in the US would be highly appreciated.
Jan LaMotte - Tue, 24 Feb 2004
Andrew Jackson Phillippi and Margaret Hackler were parents of Deacon (Charles Lewis) Phillippe, famous baseball player for the Pittsburg Pirates. The family was supposed to have moved to Spink Co, Dakota Territory in 1875. Andrew Jackson Phillippi died in 1928 in Athol, Spink Co, ND. In what cemetery is he buried? When did his wife, Margaret Hackler die and where was she buried? Does anyone have any info about Deacon Phillippe's childhood in Spink Co? Any info appreciated.
Rebecca Hartman - Sun, 8 Feb 2004
I am looking for any information regarding my grandmother, Anna Ward, or her parents James Henry Ward and Elizabeth Drissen. I know that Anna was born in Ashton on February 27, 1896. She was baptized in Zell, South Dakota. I did find one Catholic church in Zell and will contact them for Baptismal Certificate. I do not know where James or Elizabeth are buried and cannot find any land records for them. Would you be able to help me out with the information that I have supplied? Please let me know if there is a fee for the search and I will take care of it immediately. Thank you in advance.
Rebecca Hartman - Sun, 1 Feb 2004
I am looking for information about my grandmother, Anna Ward, who was born in Ashton, South Dakota on February 27, 1896. I believe her father's name was Henry Ward. I also have the name of Lizzie Driessen (sp)? that could possibly be her mother or her guardian after Anna's mother died. Anna had one sibling named Matthew. She died at the age of 31 in Nobles County, Minnesota. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Lucy McTamney - Sat, 3 Jan 2004
Kearny John Brunberg was born in Spink Co, SD on Dec. 29, 1888. His father was listed as Nels K. Brunberg and his mother was Johanna Johnson. Nels was listed in the index for the 1885 SD census, Spink Co, Town 120, R 65, page 21. I have not seen the actual census. Subsequent children of Nels and Johanna, ca 1894, were listed as being born in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I'm interested in learning whether Nels owned land in Spink County and if they were married there. Is there a Kearny family in the area after whom they might have named their son?
Jerry R.Cole - 519 Maxine Dr., Oxford,Ohio - Fri, 28 Nov 2003 updated 24 May 2012
The 1897 Census shows that a Melissa A. Cole Gilbert and a Lucinda Cole ? were living in Ashton,Spink,South Dakota. Would like to know Melissa's husband's name, any children, etc. Or any information about Lucinda. Believe Melissa's mother, Mrs. Aaron I. Cole (Melissa) was staying with her daughter Melissa for a while. Young Melissa was born about 1827 in Livingston County,NY, the daughter of Aaron I. Cole and Melissa ? Cole. Lucinda was born about 1833. Any information appreciated. Melissa Gilbert was my Great-Grandfather's sister.
Pam Walsh Galbraith - Mon, 24 Nov 2003
I am researching a relative named either William D Walsh or Willard D Walsh, who died in Redfield, South Dakota in 1924. He was married to a Uma T. unknown. Any help would be appreciated. I know the last name has been spelled like all three of the above.
Stan E. Jones - College Station, TX - Mon, 03 Nov 2003
My Grandmother, Marge Klemme Flados, is from Spink & she is just finishing up her memoir. The book is entitled “The Road from Spink,” and she has asked her family to submit ideas for the cover. I would like to find a photograph of the landscape of Spink, possibly a road to go along with the title, & use that to create a cover illustration for her. She said she grew up in a small crossroads community. If anybody has a photo, new or old, that you think may be useful to me, I would really appreciate your help.
Stan E. Jones
1207A Spring Loop
College Station, TX 77840
Lynn Sabin - Wed, 22 Oct 2003
Looking for any living descendants of Robert B. Baker (b. August 1874) & Anne A. Abris (b. September 1875). This marriage produced two known children:
Inez M. Baker (b. February 12, 1900, in Spink, S.D.; d. April 1974, in Redfield, Spink, S.D.). Inez married (unknown) Nelson.
Raymond R. Baker (b. April 3, 1903, in Redfield, Spink, S.D.)
According to the 1910 Census for Spink County, Robert B. Baker was a plumber. In the 1920 & 1930 Censuses for Spink County, Robert and his son Raymond are both listed as plumbers. Will reply IMMEDIATELY to anyone related to, or who has knowledge of this family. I have many documents, photographs, and other information about this family’s earlier lineage. Any living children of Inez Baker-Nelson or Raymond Baker will be my 2nd cousins.
URL: http://www.sabin-clary.com
Claire (Watson) Martin - Tues, 21 Oct 2003
I am searching for any information on my grandfather Squire Villis Watson. He died in 1920, supposedly in Spink. Also, supposedly he died of pneumonia, but another family story says he was shot. I think he was a farmer. He was born in 1884 in Ohio. If you have any information or know of someone who might I would greatly appreciate it.
Vera Reeves - Thur, 09 Oct 2003
1930 Spink County, SD shows these Welch brothers living in Spink County. I would love to share information with anyone searching this Welch Family.
25 Jan 1935 obituary from Calico Rock Progress, Calico Rock, Izard County, AR Floyd Welch aged about 40, died at Bexar last Saturday, following a long illness. Burial took place at Byron Sunday, funeral services being comducted by Rev. Blake Warren of this place. Deceased was born and reared in this section. Surviving are his wife, two children by a former marriage, his mother, Mrs W. C. Ely, of Welngart, Mo., three brothers, Arthur, Oscar and Ernest Welch of Mellette, So Dakota.
Ramona L. Curtis - Sat, 27 Sept 2003
Would you be able to look up an obiturary or cemetery record for Nancy (Brooks) Hotchkiss d. 2/15/1887? She moved there with her son, Spencer, in 1886. Thanks very much. Anything on him might give me more info on Nancy also.
R. H. Mewbourn - Remlap, Alabama - Fri, 19 Sept 2003
Looking for copy of obituary for Frances M. Ellis of Redfield, SD, who died on July 12, 2003. Thanks in for your help!
James McIntyre - Sat, 12 July 2003
John Dix born 8/12/1873 in Mt. Calvary , Wisconsin,died abt 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio. Margaret Horan Born 6/7/1868 in Toronto, Canada died 12/31/1912 in Turton, Spink. South Dakota. John Dix married Margaret Horan 5/26/1903. Can you find marriage records in of Turton, Spink, South Dakota. John Dix & Margaret Horan had two daugthers Gladys Emma Mary Dix (born 3/03/1905) and Margaret Dix (born abt [Note: message was cut short at this point]...
A.J. Tyson - Thu, 1 May 2003
Searching for information on Dorothy Ann Dunham who was buried in the Ashton Cemetery in Spink County, South Dakota in 1888. She was born Dorothy Ann Redman in 1822 and later moved to New York where she married Hiram B. Dunham in 1840. They had several children: James L., Francis M., Garaphelia, Sarah Catherine, William H., Julia A. and Charles A. Some of the children were born in New York and others were born in Wisconsin where the Dunham family moved in the 1840's. Dorothy Ann Dunham died in South Dakota on approximately 5-March-1888. Any help in locating her death record would be much appreciated as I live in England and have difficulty researching records in America. Thanks in advance!
Mrs. Kent E. Thomas - Thu, 1 May 2003
Mrs. W. H. (Eunice) Clark lived in Tracy, MN in 1892, do not know the exact date they moved to Redfield, SD. She was the daughter of William Cornell, and Lydia Cotton. Born in Wayland, NY Feb. 15, 1847. She died June 5, 1912, and at the time of her death was a widow. The death certificate was signed by a John Clark. I am trying to find out if John Clark was her son. Also, if there are any relatives living at this timethat might have more information on the family.
Tamara Heavner - Thu, 3 Apr 2003
I am interested in information on Johanna Dora Knoll (my great grandmother). She was born in 1866 in Germany and emigrated to the US with her brother Henry. She married Charles Sanger in 1890. She died sometime in 1935 in Redfield. I don't know when exactly she died, but would appreciate any information. Likewise, if anyone has information on Charles Sanger, that is also appreciated.
Diane Newcomer - Thu, 4 Apr 2003
I am trying to find out the name of the newspaper owned by Orla Axtell in Mellette SD in 1910.
Maureen Babcock - Fri, 21 Feb 2003
Looking for information on Carlos E. Meek (48 yrs old) enumerated in the 1920 Federal Census for Redfield, Spink Co., SD. He owned a home on East Irving St. with wife Florence E. (38 yrs) and son Robert E.(7 yrs). He was a "commericial traveller in hardware" and his wife was a stenographer for a real estate office. His son Robert was born in TN. I believe Carlos' middle name was Eugene and that he was the son of Irvin Reid ("Read") Meek [my great great grandfather] and his wife Sarah Jane ("Jennie") and that he was born in IN. His siblings moved to other states. If you have any information on this family, I would be happy to exchange what I have with you. I can be reached at roo_alyson@yahoo.com. Please mark your email title with Carlos' name so that I don't delete it by mistake. Thanks!
Sarah Wolfe - Wed, 19 Feb 2003
I am looking for information on Clinton Duval. Died 11 April 1917, Dolan, Spink, SD. He was married to Hanna Gibson who moved to Schuyler, Colfax, Nebraska after his death. Clinton is my great grandfather.
Connie Ingalls-O'Keeffe - Wed, 12 Feb 2003
I have a photo of 4 members of the Athol graduating class of 1927 but do not have names for all of the young people. Wallace S. Ingalls is in the picture with three young ladies. Anyone interested in copies of the photo please reply.
Judy E. Moore- St. Louis, MO - Wed, 5 Feb 2003
On the 1900 SD Census -Spink County- Sumner Township-Supvsr District #4, Enum District # 303? Line 91 is my ancestor JOSEPH PROBST, age 24, "at school" is given. Name of Institution at the top is ST ALOYSIUS SCHOOL.
I am trying to find out if:
1) Joseph Probst went to that school
2) If so, is St Aloysius a COLLEGE or Prep School
3) Is St Aloysius School still in existence
Can some one can help me on the above census? Thanking you in advance
Peter Spencer- Willowdale, Ontario, Canada - Sat, 11 Jan 2003
I am wanting to learn the middle names, dates & places of birth for George Tebbel, who died Sept 5, 1951, & his wife the former Carrie E. Warner, who died April 14, 1953 at Doland, Spink County. They should be buried at Doland Cemetery. I am working on the Tebbel family from Michigan, and prior to that Norfolk County, England. Thank you for any information.
Vanessa Lambert - Mon, 6 Jan 2003
I am looking for information of the Bloedorn family. The family consisted of Julius Bloedorn and his wife Wilhelmina (Luck) Bloedorn and some of the children were Julius, Edith, Frank, Herman, Amelia, August and Louisa. I know Louisa was in the Ashton area but don't know if she married or not. Any information would be a great help.
Jack Martin - Thur, 2 Jan 2003
Needing someone to locate the grave of John CLAUS, who died of diphtheria in Redfield, South Dakota, in 1912. He was married to Sophie Foos at the time of his death. Needing any information at all including funeral home records, church records, or a newspaper obituary. Thank you.
Peter Spencer - Willowdale, Ontario, Canada - Wed, 1 Jan 2003
I am wanting to learn the middle names, dates & places of birth for George Tebbel, who died Sept 5, 1951, & his wife the former Carrie E. Warner, who died April 14, 1953 at Doland, Spink County. They should be buried at Doland Cemetery. I am working on the Tebbel family from Michigan, and prior to that Norfolk County, England. Thank you for any information.
Georgiann Kostka - Covina CA - Mon, 23 Dec 2002
Seeking information on the John Kross family. My grand-mother, Edith Margaret Kross, b. 11/19/1888 in Frankfort, Spink County, South Dakota also a brother, Herman Louis Kross b. 05/17/1890 in Frankfort, Spink County. Parents John Kross and Albertina (Betina or Tina) Reider (Reidel, Riedel, Wiedell, Reedly) married January 17, 1886 Town of Lake, Cook County, IL. I do not know when they moved to South Dakota. Have 1900 census from Illinois-no listing for Albertina, possible she is buried in Spink County?? Census shows Edith and Herman born in Illinois, however their death certificates state they were born in Frankfort. No birth record found in Illinois vital records. Would appreciate any assistance in locating where my gram was born and/or if her mother is possibly buried in Spink County.
James Leary - Fri, 13 Dec 2002
I am looking for information on Harold L. Dubois, married to Edith L., with a daughter Delores. In the 1930 census they lived in Crandon Township, Spink County. Tracking down relatives to complete genealogy. Thanks in advance.
Gerald Smith - Mon, 18 Nov 2002
I am researching the HUGHES surname on behalf of my wife, whose father, Howard Hughes was the son on Charles Hughes who lived in the Frankfort area. Their names appear in the 1920 census. Any help from others would be appreciated.
Robin Gilebarto - Sun, 1 Sep 2002
Looking for info on Harlan P. PACKARD born June 1845 and family (wife Mary, children Harlan E., Frank H., Hazel M., Clayton W.). He was born St. Lawrence County, NY, moved to Minn and later to Redfield, SD. Buried Greenlawn Cemetery. Settled in SD approx .1880-1888. I have some info on his ancestry, including Mayflower ancestors, and willing to share what I have. Would love to know more about his family, military, and life in SD.
Deb Alexander - Las Vegas, NV - Sun, 30 Jun 2002
I am researching Harry Shirk married to Jennie James that were married in Iowa in 1880 and moved to South Dakota (Spink Co) in about 1881. They had several children born 1880 to 1900 Dora, Henrietta, Gretchen, Lou, Kate and Joseph born in 1900. I do know Joseph died in California in 1954 but do not know when he left South Dakota . Would like any information anyone has on these people . Gennie is my Great grand aunt.
Nancy Kost - Las Vegas, NV - Sun, 30 Jun 2002
I am searching for the following names who where residents of Spink County:
Button - Catherin Owen Button - >Died Sept 1, 1925 - >Residence - 301 S Burns Street, Redfield SD
Cole, Jesse Ray and Allie Button Cole
>Resided in Redfield from 1909 where Mr Cole was mananger of the Redfield Mercantile Company.
>Mrs Cole was active in the Methodist church having been principal of the promary department for over 20 years
> In 1935 they moved to Clear Lake where Mr Cole had a variety store until @1940. Mrs Cole had a stroke in April 1946 and became an invalid. Mr Cole sold the store to devote full time care to her.
> They had a son by the name of George B Cole that was born their in 1911 and went to grade and high school there.
Can you provide any information on the following:
Is the residence at 301 Burns street still standing?
Can you determine the location of the mercantile stores that Mr Cole owned and what is occupying those spaces now
Can you tell me where the Cole's lived in Redfield
Was there any news articles in the local paper when Catherine Button or Allie Button Cole died
Any articles when the Mercantile closed or changed hands. Thanking you in advance
Martha Lawlor - Sun, 23 Jun 2002
I am attempting to determine if my GG Grandmother, LOUISA CRAIG YAUNEY, died while in Spink County. She arrived with her daughter and son-on-law, FANNIE AND WILLIAM LAWLOR, around 1881 and left for Lincoln, NB around 1887. I have searched the cemetery lists which are on-line. The SD Vital Records department requires a date of death, which I don't have. I would appreciate any suggestions.
Mary Garrison - Sandpoint, ID - Mon, 6 May 2002
Looking for someone that could help me find information on Phoebe VanHyning 1839 to 12-14-1913 that was to have died at her daughter, Muriel Bacon, res in Northville, SD. Am also looking for Muriel and Jap Bacon and Homer VanHyning probably buried in the same cemetery. Thank you for any info you can give me.
Jeffrey Grimes - Fri, 3 May 2002
I am looking for information on the children of Robert A. Graham (b Mar 1858-Ohio) married to Ida Mae Grimes b 1 Apr 1868 in PA. Their children are: Frank D b Mar 1893, he married Lila and had one child that I know of; Maurice Graham b around 1916; Willis C, b Aug 1894, he married Mable and had two children that I know of, Maxine in 1918 and Vivian in 1920; Devee E, b Nov 1897; Elva S, b 1901; Edith M, b 1908. The family lived in Spink County (Doland town) from 1908 through at least 1920. Frank and Willis were married and had kids living in Spink County according to the 1920 census.
William (Bill) Whitcomb Porter - Fri, 3 May 2002
Seeking obituary, cemetery record, death certificate information for Peter Van Kleeck Whitcomb, b. 31 Oct 1859, Hustisford, WI. He resided near Doland and was a cement contractor/worker. His death was probably sometime after 1915-16, the last county directory listing I have found for him. Interested in contacting any family members which may remain. His sister, Clementine, is my great-grandmother.
AdaMarie Kerndt - Thu, 2 May 2002
I am looking for obits for Anne Nelson Renne who died Feb. 5, 1933 & Inger Nelson Severson who died Dec. 30, 1940 in Spink Co. SD. I have death certificates for them. If I could find obits for them I might find a clue as to where to look for their brother Nels K. Nelson. I have written the state Historical Society 4 times with no results. They had brothers Lewis, & Ole also but Nels is the only one left to find. Thanks for any help given.
John Hendricks - Mon, 22 Apr 2002
I am searching for further info on Charles Henry Druliard (often spelled Druyer) who settled in Redfield Aug 15, 1883, he married Sarah Eliza Graham Nov 13 1884. His property was located at Sec 17 Twp 115n Range 65n. He died aged 44 on Aug 26, 1893. Would like to know where he might be buried, or ANY general info on him as it seems to be difficult to find! He may have worked as a land surveyor.
Dezra Ann Rogers - Wed, 17 Apr 2002
I'm looking for information on my grandfather, Clarence George Kerr (b. 10/12/1906 in Turton, Spink County, SD). I'm looking for the name of his father as well as names of siblings if available. His mother's name was Marie Diane (or Diana Mary) Saindon of Beaverville, IL.
Ruth A. Moss - Thu, 11 Apr 2002
Daniel Brown Gordon/Elizabeth Ellen Martin Gordon - seeking death/burial/spouse/children info. He was born in Darlington, WI (22 Oct 1846) and had 2 daughters in Redfield, SD. Wife was Elizabeth (m. 3 Jan 1877 in Darlington). Do not know when/where she was born.
Diane Grom - Wed, 20 Mar 2002
I'm seeking information about my g grandfather, Eugene A. STUTENROTH, b. 1872. A resident of Redfield SD, he disappeared between 1905 and 1910. (He is listed living with his wife Hannah and their two sons in the SD State Census of 1905 - he is not listed with his family by the 1910 Federal Census.) Greenlawn Cemetery in Redfield has no record of a burial or gravesite. Where did he go? Is he buried in Greenlawn? Please help me solve the mystery. Thank you.
Sharon Bishop - Mon, 11 Mar 2002
Looking for James CLOUGH, born 22 March 1856 Maine, married to Anna Eliza Page, born 16 Oct 1856 in Wisc. children: Floyd born 1888; Clarence born 1889; Dora Pearl born 20 Sept 1890 Clara Elvina born 25 Dec 1891; Jessie Violet b 14 July 1896, all in SD. James died 17 Nov. 1896 and is supposed to be buried in Mellette, Spink Co, SD
Dan Muszynski- Erie, MI - Fri, 22 Feb 2002
Looking for burial location of Myron Isbell who died in Toledo,Ohio Nov. 4, 1923 and was buried in Doland. Also, his wife Ellen? Her surname? She is buried in Doland also. Any info will be appreciated.
Dan Muszynski- Erie, MI - Fri, 15 Feb 2002
Seeking surname of wife of Myron Isbell, who, after death of his wife, Ella?, went to to Toledo, Ohio and died there on Nov 4th, 1923. His body was sent to Doland for burial. Where? Looking for any info of Myron and his wife. I am willing to share what I know of Myron. I know nothing of his wife.
Sharon Bishop- Sun, 10 Feb 2002
Looking for James Clough, died 1896, Mellette, SD; spouse: Anna Eliza Page, 2 male children, names u.k.; daughters: Dora Pearl Clough, b 1889, Jessie, b. 1896; Clara b 1890.
Marilyn LeVeque- Sat, 9 Feb 2002
I am researching the family of Harmon Gilson Brown, married to Carrie and their sons, Guy, Melza, & daughter Carrie. Also, an older daughter named Jennie E. Brownell who was married to James P. Brownell. I am trying to locate my Great Uncle & Aunt who were living in Spink County in 1885. Ancestry.com has them listed in the 1885 Census. Township 117 Range 60 page 006. Are these names familiar to anyone in Spink County?
Garrett Thomas Bramble Auger, Thu, 24 Jan 2002
My G-Great Grandmother, Aileen Ester Franklin, was born in Spink County on September 16, 1893. Her parents were Silas Ralph Franklin & Minnie Edyth Smith. We are looking for their parents and where they are from. (he is Related to Benjamin Frankilin?) Aileen Franklin married E. E. Bramble of Montana. If you have any information, please contact me.
Robert Markin, Sun, 13 Jan 2002
Seeking descendants of Mrs. A. J. Howe, born Juneau, WI to John and Francis Chase Taft. Last known address was Redfield, SD.
Thomas E. Smith- Pueblo, CO - Thu, 10 Jan 2002
Alfred Wyland lived in Frankfort, SD. My mom was born July 6, 1910 there. I am trying to find what year they moved there from Kansas.
Gloria Ellis, Thu, 3 Jan 2002
I'm searching for information about William Harrison Ellis. He fits into my family like this:
Eliza b. 1819 VT d. 1919 WA married Harrison ELLIS. Their four sons:
1) William Harrison ELLIS
............b. 28 Jun 1847 VT d. 19 Feb 1887 Antol, Spink, Dakota Territory.....(SD)
............m. Clara Fitch 1873 Mondovi, Buffalo, WI...........
Their 5 children:
Richard Fitch ELLIS b. WI 1874 d. WI 1874
Sadie Fitch ELLIS b. 21 Oct 1874 WI, d. 12 Mar 1887
Cora Ethel ELLIS b. 16 Jul 1878 WI
Charles Franklin ELLIS b. 30 Dec 1881 WI, d. 09 Jul 1971 Rapid City, SD
......Charles m. Anna HUDSON........
........Their children: Clara Merle, Esther Marie, Willard Elbert, Kenneth Franklin,
...........Ruth LaVon and William Harrison ELLIS.
................Clara Merle m. S. D. KING and Kenneth Franklin m. M. COMPTON
Mary Fitch ELLIS b. 26 Apr 1886 Athol, Spink, Dakota Territory
2) John ELLIS b. abt 1849 VT
3) Edwin H. ELLIS b. abt. 1853 VT d. c. 1890's (I am a descendant of Edwin)
4) Franklin Merrill ELLIS b. 1857 VT d. 1938 WA
I've found Franklin Merrill ELLIS' descendants. We would like to share photos and family history with William's descendants and hopefully find out what happened to the other brother, John ELLIS.
Oliver N. Senechal, Tue, 1 Jan 2002
My Grandfather, Oliver Lebeau Senechal, was born in St.Paul Min. in 1882. His mother died when he was 2 or 3 years old. He was sent to Doland, where he lived with his Aunts until he was 16 years old. He visited his relatives many times during his life. We can't find the name of his Mother. His Father was Oliver Senechal. He had a cousin in Redfield, Ed Blain, and we visited them in 1945. He also had an Aunt from Spink County, her name was Cordelia M. Cushing, her husband's name was John J. Cushing. He won a Medal for shooting in Ashton, on July 4th, 1884 (I have the medal). We would appreciate any information you might have. Thank you very much.
Eileen Arndt, Sat, 17 Nov 2001
Recently, my 84yr old cousin learned that his father's maternal Uncle (in 1873) and Grandparents (in abt 1883) had come to America (SD) before his father had emigrated here in 1903. He learned this while on a trip to Norway this past Summer from relatives there. Although he was aware that his Father made at least one trip to "the Dakotas" when he was young, he did not know he had relatives there. The people I am speaking of are: Ingebrigt Jensen Hillestad (b.ca.1850 and emig. 1873 to Hitchcock, SD) his parents: Who came to Hitchcock in 1883. Jens Olsen Hillestad (b.July 1806) and his wife, Ingeborg Steffensdatter (b. 1808); One of the cousins in Norway is keeping their family history and asked Norm if he could find out the death dates/places for these three and to learn if Ingebrigt married and had a family. My cousin is unable to do this on his own and has asked me to do it for him and this is why I am writing for any assistance. If you have the Hillestad surname for Spink County, perhaps you are descended from these people? Thank you for any help you can give me on this. Norman and I live in Wisconsin.
Cindy Frankenfield - , Fri, 9 Nov 2001
Seeking information on Carl Friedrich William WENDT and Christine SOMMER, immigrants from Pommern Prussia. First lived in Philadelphia then to Yellow Medicine Co. MN. I recently discovered they are buried in South Dakota. I am their great great granddaughter through their daughter Anna Maria Louisa WENDT KACHER, 2/8/1876-7/24/1967. Any information will be appreciated.
Letha Chunn-Mendivil - Wed, 7 Nov 2001
I am looking for any descendants of Samuel C. Bishop, b. 2 Aug 1837 in Richland County, OH, and his wife Elizabeth Ann Dorcas, b. 26 Oct 1840, also in Richland County, OH. Elizabeth died in Faulk County on 4 June 1886, and was buried in a cemetery at Northville, Spink County. Samuel died in Scranton, Iowa, on 1 Dec 1921, and was buried next to his wife in Northville. Does anyone know what cemetery this is?
Kathy Randall Roehm - Sun, 21 Oct 2001
Gilbert Orin Straw, my GreatGrand Uncle and his wife, Millicent Luce homesteaded in Spink County in 1894. Her father; Horace and Grandfather; Lorenzo also homesteaded in Spink County in the late 1880's. I am looking for information regarding Millicent and Gilbert's children. I do have photographs and would be happy to share them. Any information regarding the Randall's of Spink County would be greatly appreciated. Gilbert's sister; Lillie was my Great Grandmother. She married Daniel Franklin Randall of Minnesota. A number of their children lived in South Dakota as well. My sincere thanks for any help you could provide.
Debra A. Pengelly - Tue, 16 Oct 2001
I am trying to find information on an aunt that was a patient in the State School and Hospital during the early 1920’s. Her name was Kate L. Mosher aka Kate L. Van Pelt. She died when she was between 5 and 8 years old in Redfield. She is buried somewhere in the vicinity. A headstone was placed on her grave some years later. I do not know which cemetery or which name was used on the stone. I would like to see if any records still exist from the hospital and to find where she is buried. Thank you for any help you can provide.
Peg Schafer - Thu, 11 Oct 2001
Nilson (Nelson)
My great-grandfather was Andrew W. Nelson (or Nilson). He and his brother, Alexander F. Nelson (Nilson) lived in the Redfield area from about 1883 to about 1890. Andrew had a family and four of his children including my grandfather, Carl, were born in Redfield. His youngest child was born in Dell Rapids in 1891. In 1887, Andrew and Alexander bought 160 acres of land just west of Redfield. Eventually Andrew moved to Minnesota and Alexander to Illinois. A relative said that they operated a shoe shop in Redfield during the first year or two that they were there. I was wondering if there would be any record of their shop in the early history of the area.
Becky Teubner - Mon, 8 Oct 2001
I am searching for data on Charles Brown and his wife Martha Ellen Preston. He is listed as from Frankfort, SD with large land holdings at the time of his marriage to Nellie in Ryan, Delaware Co., IA. She is listed as living in Frankfort in both parent's obits. They had no children according to family lore. They both died before 1952. She was living in 1914 according to probate records. I don't know if Charles moved to Frankfort alone, with family, or was born there.
Martha Lawlor - Sat, 29 Sep 2001
My great-grandfather, WILLIAM LAWLOR and his wife FANNIE YAUNEY LAWLOR moved to Spink Cty in 1879. Three of their five children were born there:
ARTHUR J. LAWLOR 1/11/1883
WILLIAM JR. 2/27/1885
I am interested in finding out more info on GGF and GGM Lawlor (I do not have DOB or DOD), and verifying the above information. I don't know why they went to S.D., or from where they came. They left Spink by 1888, because the last child was born in Lincoln, NB that year.
Susan Ingalls - Wed, 26 Sep 2001
Interested in exchanging information on the following from about 1890-1934 in the Athol/Ashton/Northville areas: INGALLS; ROLLINS, WARD
Mrs. Arlene Peterson - Hanahan, SC - Sat, 22 Sep 2001
I am researching Peterson surname and also Carlsgaard or Karlsgaard of Spink County. Frankfort and Doland were the main towns involved. Also looking for info about an old place called LaDelle near Doland?
Garry Stepanek - Tue, 18 Sep 2001
I am looking for information about my greatgrandfather James Beechey and his brother Thomas. They had land claims near Conde in 1887. Also Charles Woolman (James' brotherinlaw). I have a picture of wedding from Mellete D.T. from 1888. Any help is appreciated.
Lorri Hurst - Fri, 17 Aug 2001
I am seeking information about Fred Scheel and Augusta (Aase) Scheel (Johnson) who gave birth to a daughter, Violet, in Spink County in June, 1889. Our family legend is that Augusta, an immigrant from Norway, and her sister, Olina, were "mail order brides" and married brothers (Fred Scheel and August Julius Scheel). The two sisters emigrated from Norway in 1875 and grew up in Norseland, Minnesota (near St. Peter). My grandmother is the daugher of Olina. We are not able to figure out where these marriages took place or when. Our only clue is that Fred had a daugher born in Spink County in 1889.
Judy Greeley - Wed, 01 Aug 2001
I am searching for information on Wolcott Avery b. Aug. 9, 1822 died in Athol, S.D. Spink County. Married to Phebe Porter. Also searching for info on his son Frank Avery b. about 1867, died also in South Dakota.

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