Belvidere, Stanley Co., SD -- 1909 Business Directory

1909 South Dakota State Business Directory -
        A growing town in Stanley county, on Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R. R., 
108 miles from Chamberlain, and 110 from Rapid City. Population 250. Agriculture 
and stock raising section. Has good schools and churches. Belvidere has a 
beautiful country and lake adjoining it; it is only three years old; thousands 
of acres are already under cultivation. Good soft water can be found from seven 
to fifty feet. An elevator is assured to handle the crop raised this season. The 
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul R. R. Co. have a proposed railroad running north 
from this place into the Cheyenne and Standing Rock Indian reservations.
Settlers wanted. 

Last Name               First Name        Business
Anderson Lumber Co.     J. F.             J F Bennett agent
Applegate               H. C.             editor and manager Belvidere Times
Belvidere State Bank                      O A Hodson pres, F J Carpenter vice-pres, L A Pier cashier
Belvidere Times (w)                       Dakota Publishing Co prop, H C Applegate editor and manager
Bennett                 J. F.             agent J F Anderson Lumber Co.
Buckmaster              J. E.             marshal
Buckmaster                                see Shook & Buckmaster
Carpenter               F. J.             vice-pres Belvidere State Bank
Catholic Church
City Hotel                                Fred W Towner manager
Cotton                  N. M. (Miss)      postmaster and notary public
Dakota Publishing Co.                     publishers Belvidere Times
Ellis & Pinkerton                         real estate, bargains in deeded lands
Grayner                 Geo.              contractor and builder
Hanscom                 A. B.             justice peace
Hanscom & Co.           Geo. S.           flour, feed, grain, fruits and confectionery
Hodson                  O. A.             president Belvidere State Bank
Kuhn & Co.              W. E.             general merchandise
Leland Art & Mfg Co.                      O S Leland mgr, photographers, wholesale post cards
Lilly                   Frank             agent C, M & St P Ry and Wells Fargo Expr.
Lindberg                Julius            drugs
McCarthy                Ed                barber
McKenna                 Frank             pool hall
Miller & Co.            E. T.             deeded lands, ranches & city property
Obr                     Frank             blacksmith
Pier                    L. A.             cashier Belvidere State Bank
Pinkerton               R. L.             attorney-at-law
Pinkerton                                 see Ellis & Pinkerton
Presbyterian Church                       Rev Whitford pastor
Reeves                  Ernest W.         U S commissioner
Roose                   Josephine (Mrs.)  restaurant
Rosencrance             S. F.             cashier Whitbeck Bank
Scott                   Walter A.         meat market
Scovel                  M. E.             hardware and implements
Shook & Buckmaster                        livery
Smith                   Jas. A.           lumber and coal
Thode                   Emil              saloon, constable
Thode Bros.                               general merchandise, implements
Whitbeck Bank                             S F Rosencrance cashier
Whitford                (Rev.)            pastor, Presbyterian Church
Williamson              J. W.             physician


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