1968 Farm Directory
Stanley County, SD

(Partial LIst)

This listing of the farmers of Stanley County was extracted from the "Official 1968 Stanley County South Dakota Farm and Ranch Directory."

Scanning and OCR by Joy Fisher jfisher@ucla.edu

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Last Name     First Name      Post Office     Twp Name/Section #       Own/Rent Abbott        Celmar          Fort Pierre     Foster 8                 Rent Alleman       Albert          Hayes           Kirley 19                Own Andersen      Carl J.         Fort Pierre     Wendte 2                 Rent Andersen      Just            Hayes           Kirley 11                Own Andersen      N.C.            Hayes           Kirley 22                Own Bartels       Robert          Fort Pierre     Doren E.29               Own Bast          Charles         Hayes           Carr W.35                Own Bearry        Clarence        Fort Pierre     Antelope W.2             Own Bergeson      A.A.            Hayes           Hayes E.6                Own Bergeson      Arthur, Sr.     Hayes           Smith Olson 32           Own Bergeson      John            Hayes           Kirley 28                Rent Bonhorst      Charles         Midland         Twin Butte 20            Own Bonhorst      Norbert         Midland         Rolling Green 23         Own Borden        Ronald          Hayes           Sansarc 1                Own Brewe         Lee             Fort Pierre     Green Field 4            Own Caldwell      Leslie          Fort Pierre     Mathews 27               Own Caldwell      Louis           Fort Pierre     Bad River 19             Own Calkins       Robert          Murdo           Speer Werkman 32         Own Carlisle      Charles         Fort Pierre     Antelope W. 18           Own Caruthers     Steve           Hayes           Hayes W. 25              Own Chisholm      Dayton          Mission Ridge   Orton 27                 Own Clark         Neil            Fort Pierre     Lower Brule 26           Own Cooper        Myron           Fort Pierre     Wendte 2                 Rent Cooper        Norval          Fort Pierre     Wendte 2                 Own Coverdale     Arthur          Midland         Plum Creek W. 14         Own Dickey        Labon           Fort Pierre     Antelope W.9             Own Donelan       Lawrence        Fort Pierre     Mathews 15               Own Doty          Guy             Fort Pierre     Foster 4                 Own Doud          Ralph           Midland         Saddle Butte 9           Own Doud          Richard         Midland         Saddle Butte 34          Own Durkin        Betty           Fort Pierre     Lower Brule 24           Rent Eickhopp      Daisy           Midland         Rolling Green 30         Own Eldridge      Ralph           Fort Pierre     Green Field 13           Own Elkins        Milt            Hayes           Smith Olson 21           Own Ernst         John            Midland         Plum Creek W.3           Own Flom          David           Midland         Saddle Butte 27          Own Fluharty      George          Fort Pierre     Reserve 9                Own Fluharty      Larry           Fort Pierre     Reserve 17               Own French        Francis         Fort Pierre     Cunningham 35            Own Gordon        Stanley         Fort Pierre     Antelope W.9             Own Granstra      Barney          Fort Pierre     Bad River 17             Own Groff         Arthur          Midland         Plum Creek W.23          Own Hall          Frank           Midland         Twin Butte 18            Rent Hamilton      P.C.            Fort Pierre     Bad River 16             Own Hannum        Lloyd           Fort Pierre     Teton 31                 Own Hannum        Lynn            Fort Pierre     Teton 22                 Rent Hannum        William J.      Fort Pierre     Mathews 14 Hansen        Carl            Fort Pierre     Doren E.35               Own Harmon        Mrs.J.          Fort Pierre     Speer Werkman 23         Rent Harvey        Eldon D.        Mission Ridge   Orton 30                 Own Hedman        Cora            Hayes           Hayes E.21               Own Hedman        Lyle            Hayes           Hayes E.17               Own Hedman        Ralph           Hayes           Hayes E.21               Own Hedman        W.E.            Hayes           Hayes E.2                Own Hitsman       Dwight          Hayes           Starr 19                 Own Hlebanja      Max             Fort Pierre     Pleasant Vale 4          Own Hoepfner      Hans            Hayes           Plum Creek E.14          Own Hohrman       Alvin           Hayes           Plum Creek E.13          Own Horning       Ben             Hayes           Smith Olson 10           Own Howe          Deahl           Fort Pierre     Doren E.16               Own Howe          Jay Ray         Fort Pierre     Lower Brule 36           Own Howe          Johnny Ed.      Fort Pierre     Reserve 34               Own Huckfeldt     Henry           Fort Pierre     Antelope E.24            Own Iverson       Donald          Fort Pierre     Bloom 31                 Own Jacobsen      Charles         Hayes           Sansarc 29               Own Jacobsen      Donald          Fort Pierre     Bad River 21             Rent Jennings      Darrell         Fort Pierre     Doren E.32               Own Johnson       Franklin        Fort Pierre     Foster 9                 Own Jones         Harry           Hayes           Kirley 4                 Own Jortlund      Christian       Hayes           Kirley 31                Own Kenzy         Warren          Fort Pierre     Foster 15                Rent Ketchen       John            Fort Pierre     Lower Brule 2            Own Kirkpatrick   L.C.            Hayes           Plum Creek W.2           Own Kirksey       Leo             Hayes           Kirley 16                Own Livermore     Ray             Fort Pierre     Twin Butte 20            Own Marrington    Robert          Midland         Rolling Green 28         Rent Mathews       Ralph           Murdo           Speer Werkman 31         Own May           Edwin           Hayes           Plum Creek W.7           Own Mc Carroll    Fred            Hayes           Hayes W.20               Own Mc Quistion   J.C.            Fort Pierre     Shaner 35                Own Mc Quistion   Ray             Fort Pierre     Shaner 35                Own Miller        Anna            Hayes           Smith Olson 17           Own Mortenson     Clarence        Hayes           Spring View 29           Own Myers         Kendrick        Mission Ridge   Orton 32                 Own Nash          Frank           Fort Pierre     Foster 18 Neilan        Wilbur          Fort Pierre     Willow Creek Buttes 7    Rent Nemec         Edward          Midland         Saddle Butte 3           Own Nemec         Emil            Pierre          Plum Creek W.31          Own Nemec         Ernest          Midland         Saddle Butte 33          Own Nemec         Jerome          Midland         Saddle Butte 17          Own Norman        Leslie          Fort Pierre     Dry Run 31               Own Norman        Gaylord         Hayes           Carr W.28                Own Norman        Philip L.       Hayes           Carr W.5                 Own Norman        Roy             Hayes           Kirley 20                Own O Day         Robert          Fort Pierre     Bad River 29             Own Oleson        Anker           Midland         Saddle Butte 34          Own Oleson        Chris           Hayes           Sansarc 17               Own Olson         David           Hayes           Starr 20                 Own Olson         Lorain          Hayes           Kirley 28                Own Pratzke       N.Kenneth       Fort Pierre     Dry Run 17               Own Pravel        Clifford        Mission Ridge   Orton 19                 Own Prince        H.Wayne         Fort Pierre     Pleasant Vale 23         Own Prince        Harry W., Jr.   Fort Pierre     Pleasant Vale 20         Own Pugh          Kelly           Hayes           Starr 17                 Own Purcell       George          Midland         Plum Creek E.31          Own Reuer         Fred            Fort Pierre     Teton 29                 Own Reuer         Helmet          Fort Pierre     Teton 20                 Rent Rhodes        Kirk            Fort Pierre     Shaner 11                Own Riggle        Roscoe          Hayes           Hayes W.3                Own Rose          A.H             Hayes           Starr 16                 Own Ruff          Robert          Fort Pierre     Lower Brule 13           Rent Saucerman     John            Midland         Plum Creek W.33          Own Scarborough   Russell         Hayes           Carr W.L8                Own Schiesser     Theodore W.     Hayes           Carr W.23 Schimkat      Art             Fort Pierre     Bad River 20             Own Schlemme      Fay             Fort Pierre     Antelope W.3             Rent Schmidt       Otto            Hayes           Sansarc 27               Own Schofield     Margaret        Midland         Rolling Green 10         Own Schomer       Joseph          Fort Pierre     Antelope E.19            Own Schomer       Clayton         Fort Pierre     Antelope W.3             Own Schomer       Joseph          Fort Pierre     Antelope 21              Own Scott         Harry           Fort Pierre     Doren E.27               Own Seaman        Berley          Fort Pierre     Wendte 18                Rent Singleton     Tom             Fort Pierre     Bad River 17             Own Sivage        Vernon          Hayes           Hayes W.29               Own Slaathaug     Duwayne         Fort Pierre     Doren W.6                Own Smith         Wayman          Pierre          Antelope E.22            Own Smith               TRUE      Fort Pierre     Reserve 7                Own Standiford    Chet            Hayes           Hayes W.19               Own Sterling      Allen           Fort Pierre     Willow Creek Buttes 23   Own Sterling      Harold          Fort Pierre     Willow Creek Buttes 23   Own Stevens       Tom             Pierre          Carr P..6                Own Stoeser       Alex            Hayes           Sansarc 35               Own Stoeser       Benjamin        Hayes           Sansarc 31               Own Stoeser       Bernard         Hayes           Sansarc 21               Own Stoeser       Gene            Hayes           Sansarc 8                Own Stoeser       Roy             Hayes           Sansarc 29               Own Stroup        John Jr.        Fort Pierre     Willow Creek Buttes 22   Own Swan          John            Fort Pierre     Pleasant Vale 32         Own Sylva         Richard         Fort Pierre     Antelope E.14            Own Thompson      Bill            Fort Pierre     Lower Brule 2            Rent Thompson      W.L.            Fort Pierre     Red Woman W.17           Own Thorson       Omund           Hayes           Kirley 29                Own Tibbs         Ancel           Mission Ridge   Orton 14                 Own

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