Nowlin, Stanley Co., SD - 1909 Business Directory


1909 South Dakota State Business Directory -

        Postoffice and town in Stanley county, on the P. R. C. & N. W. Ry.,
10 miles west of Midland. Population 75.
Last Name                    First Name    Business
Catholic Church                            Father O'Hara priest
O'Hara                       (Father)      priest, Catholic Church
Davis                        C. W.         meat market
Dorothy                      Harry         genl mdse and postmaster
Hartley                      W. R.         hardware and implements
Kunkle                       Harry         attorney-at-law
McGowen                      Chas.         editor Nowlin News
Marten                       Chas.         hotel and real estate
Methodist Episcopal Church                 Rev Curtis pastor
Curtis                       (Rev.)        pastor, Methodist Episcopal Church
Nowlin News (w)                            Chas McGowan editor
Patterson Bros.                            lumber

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