Powell, Stanley Co., SD - 1909 Business Directory


1909 South Dakota State Business Directory -
        Postoffice in Stanley county, on the C. & N. W. Ry., 8 miles east of
Philip. Formerly called Wokama. Population 50.

Last Name                First Name     Business
Coy                      F.             publisher, Wokama Leader (w)
Finnigan                 Ed             drugs
Gammill                  W. L.          shoemaker
Guernsey                 H. S.          station agent
McCleery                 D. B.          lumber, notary public
Powell Mercantile Co.                   general merchandise
Rousseau                 C.             postmaster
Starbuck                 C. R.          livery
Whitford                 L.             blacksmith
Wokama Drug Co.
Wokama Land Co.                         real estate
Wokama Leader (w)                       F Coy publisher

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