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Jane Clements  Mon April 5, 1999 I have a general question, that I am hoping a native SD can answer. I would like to know the date of a devastating blizzard that hit Yankton in about the 1960's. I am looking for the death certificates for 2 MALIKOWSKI brothers, and the only info I have on them is that they died during this blizzard (sometime in the 60's, from my grandmother's recollections). I am also looking for info on a Lucy MALIKOWSKI, fostered out to an ABRAMOWSKI family, and appears that she later changed her name to MCKLOSKEY. Brothers and sisters of hers were baptized in St. Wenceslaus Church in Tabor, and some family buried in the Polish Cemetery in Lesterville, but I have been unable to find anything on her to specifically link her to this family. She was later married in St. Vincent's church in Deadwood.

Jennifer   Fri, 1/15/99 Perhaps you could help me. My family has been looking for information on Alex Aaron's (my Great Grandfather) family for about 20 years. Up to this pointt hey have been unable to find anything. Alex left his family home when he was 17 and never returned. He never spoke of his parents or siblings except for one or two times. So this has made it very hard to locate information. But I believe I have found they're names in a Census record. Alex went by Alex but everyone remembers that when he did sign his name he would sign A. E. Aaron. He also said that he had a brother by the name of Henry and two more brothers besides. There is also a rumor that he had a sister. One of my cousins remembers when he was a boy,Grandpa told him that he and his brothers would do ice skating shows or something like that. Alex had always indicated that he was born in McLeansboro, Illinois on Sept. 28,1884. Which leads me to where I am today. Yesterday I found on microfiche that in the 1870 & 1873 Federal Census there was an A.E. Aaron, Anna Aaron, Christ Aaron, Henry Aaron, John Aaron, Kattie Aaron and Sackob Aaron all in the same household. The family reference number was 168 and it was for Yankton County, South Dakota on the West James River. Well, everything fits.....the A.E. part, the Henry part, assuming that 1 male is the father and 1 female the mother...the number of siblings is also correct. But what I saw was only the index to the census so it had no birthdates. And since my grandfather had always said he was born in 1884, he couldn't have been on the 1870 & 73 Census. What a mystery! I know the 1890 Census records were destroyed in a fire, so I'm sure that this in not a record from that year. I'm so confused. I'm trying to research this for my 86 year old grandfather (Alex's son). He has way too much faith in me, and I'm trying not to let him down. Perhaps you know where I can find someone to look at the actual census record. My local library only has three of the SD county microfiche for that census period.

W.K Anderson Fri, 11/20/98 I seek for family history data swap descendants of Pete and Hannah (nee Johnson) ANDERSON. Pete was a brother of my g grandfather, John M ANDERSON. I believe there may be some of Pete's descendants living in the Yankton, Yankton Co. and Irene, Clay Co. areas. Pete had 6 children: 1) ANDERSON, Oscar C., b 19 Jan 1886, d 3 Oct 1971, buried 6 Oct Carlson Cemetery, Viborg SD, m 5 Aug 1909 in Kadoka SD to MAROUSEK, Mary, b 2 Aug 1889 in Minnesota, d 26 Feb 1966, buried 2 Mar at Carlson Cemetery, Viborg. They lived in Yankton from 1955. Children:ANDERSON, Ernest, living in Chamberlain SD ca 1966, m to USHER, Isabel. ANDERSON, Opal, living in Viborg ca 1989, m 25 May 1942 to  DOERING, Jesse J., b 13 Nov 1922 in Burke SD, d 29 Dec 1989 in Viborg, buried 4 Jan 1990 at Carlson Cemetery, Viborg. Children: DOERING, Alvin, living in Viborg ca 1989, m to BEREGMAN, Mary. DOERING, Dennis, living in Viborg ca 1989, m to HUBER, Nancy. ANDERSON, Ione, m to Van Osdel, Merle F. Living in Sioux City ca 1966.2) ANDERSON, Arthur, m to CHRISTOPHERSON, Hannah. Living in Viborg ca 1935, both d before ca 1976.3) ANDERSON, Tillie, m to RIGGS, Claude, d before ca 1976. 4) ANDERSON, Ida, m to ERICKSON, Sanford. Ida living ca Apr 1958 in Viborg, both d before ca 1976. 5) ANDERSON, Emily, m to STRUNK, Henry. Both living ca Apr 1958 in Irene SD. Children: STRUNK, Duane. Children: STRUNK, Dawn, William, and Ray. Living ca 1989 in Viborg? 6) ANDERSON, Emma, m to NESS, Elmer. Both living ca 1931 in Irene, 1935 in Utica, Yankton Co. Elmer d before ca 1976.

Jackie Aragon Fri May 22, 1998 I am looking for Donald Lee Andesen he was born on September 29,1915 in Yankton South Dakota. dont know much else about him other than he was in the army and was a medic in ww2 he is my husbands maternal grandfather and i would like to find him.
Dale Convey Sun Nov 10 20:36:16 1996 Edward Anderson, born 15 Dec 1884 in Yankton, Yankton County. I am specifically looking to find out who his parents were; if other siblings existed. (Yup, I know "Anderson"; is a common name & that there are probably 50 Edwards, but hopefully the above DOB will help pin this down.)

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