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Peggy Bienert Wed Mar 17, 1999  Am searching for details on a Daniel Rode and his wife Emilie.   They came to Manitoba, Canada probably in the mid-1920's. They then went toYankton, SD where Daniel died in 1939 and Emilie died in 1949. Could you please direct me to wherever I can find out if they applied for citizenship and just where they might be buried. Daniel was born in 1861 in Poland (Volhynia), and Emilie in 1857.

Gerald Richards Fri Feb 26, 1999 I am looking for information on my greatgrandfather's brother, Louis RICHARDS. I have just learned that before he moved to Kimball (Brule Co.) SD, he had lived in Yankton. I was wondering if he and his family might be mentioned in any of the local history books. Any information you might be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.  

Gary Clifton Nov 26, 1998 I am looking for information on the Yankton family of John H. Rinker, circa 1890. First wife, Elizabeth died in Yankton in 1898. John H. was immigrant from Prussia. Immigration year: 1868, born 1851. My grandfather was this family's youngest child, Geoge Hormel Rinker, born 1898, died 1969. After death of Elizabeth, John H. remarried--sorry no name. Any information on family of John H. and, particulary, Elizabeth, would be appreciated.

St Deroin Mon Nov 9, 1998 I am trying to find information on my ancestor SMUTTY BEAR and his daughter RED BLANKET or any relations. Also FRANCIS LACHARITE.

Tim Mjoen Thurs May 28, 1998 I am looking for Brit Olsdatter RATHE, who was at Yankton, Yankton County. Known as "Rat Ola", born 7 Oct 1834, in Oppdal, Norway. If anything is known of her, please let me know.
Translating from Opdalslagets 1925 page 49. Beret nourished at the same way as her father, besides what she could get from the moneybox. But they got tired of her and she as many of that
type, who only was burden at home, was sent here. She came first to the Opdals-colony Yankton, S. Dak., and there wasn't long time before she got around as at home with her "pank" (a bag or sack with all her property). But soon she came eastword. The winter when I was teacher at
Red Wing Seminar, she came there. She came straight to the school, and one day she knocked at the door into the classroom. I went out. "Oh isn't it Erek Fløtta." (Erik Haldosen LOE) Yes. And then she was so at a loss, she had to get some help, as she then got. When I had moved to
Minneapolis, she came one day into my office. I had some more beard, and I understood that she wasn't sure if it was me or not. But again she was at a loss and asked for something. I answered: "Har ingen penningar als i dag." (Swedish, means: I don't have any money today) "Are you Swedish?" "Yes, I am Swedish." Then I got rid of her. May be it appears a bit impolite
to treat a person from the same rural district at that way, but for det first we appear, that it is rude, that folks there home in Oppdal, sending us that junk, when we here by the best ability tries to
continue and show that honour and glory our country and folks deserves, and by the way here we have very little use for someone who's begging". This was translated word by word.
Karen, b. 3 Sep 1862, Father: Ole Sevaldsen LOE.
Anne, b. 11 Feb 1865, Father: Ole Olsen BRENDEN.
Hanna, b. 5 Dec 1867, Father: Anders OLSEN from Sweden.
Berit married 17 Feb 1871 John Olsen BRENDEN, b. 5 Feb 1852.
Children: Oluf, b. 8 Dec 1870, Dorthea, b. 17 Jul 1872 d. 19 Jul 1872,
Ole, b. 8 Oct 1874, Dorthea, b. 6 Jan 1878.

Marilee Jeffers Wed Sep 3 14:34:36 1997 Stephen Renwick JEFFERS b. 1865 in Hanover, ILL md Sarah SAUNDERSON about 1889. Children: Mable JEFFERS b. 1888 , Blanche JEFFERS md Julias ROKKE, Chester Renwick JEFFERS b. 1894, Earl Clyde JEFFERS b. 1897, Myrtle JEFFERS md. William Joseph SEVENING and (2) Joseph KANRICH. They lived in Harrold, South Dakota, and Stephen lived in Yankton and died there in 1940. Am looking for descendants of this family. Blanche's Children were Keith and Dick ROKKE. Anyone know them? One of them supposedly is selling insurance in Sioux Falls, SD.

Gladys Gilliland Fri May 30 21:45:10 1997 I am researching the family of David James Gilliland b.11 Aug.1831, d.26 Nov.1904, mar.11 March 1856 to Susan Bertha Line b.10 Jan.1837, d.17 Dec. 1919. They lived on a farm near Gavin's Point, a few miles west of Yankton, and had eight children when they arrived there in 1878 after living a while west of Galesburg, Illinois. Their children were Laura M.Gilliland, mar.Ira McKenzie; Alcie R.Gilliland, mar. Allan Cameron; John A.S. Gilliland; William H. Gilliland; Edward T. Gilliland, mar.Minnie Henderson; George L. Gilliland, mar. Maude Church; Hugh Rankin Gilliland; James W. Gilliland; and Samuel Gilbert Gilliland, mar. Clara Sophia RUDEL

Rich Mather Thu Mar 27 10:26:22 1997 My grandmother, Ruby Ethel Johnson was born Feb 11, 1904 in Yankton, Yankton Co. SD. Her parents were Frank Johnson m. Abt 1903 in SD? Anna ROCKAFELLOW d. 1906 in Yankton? Did either Anna or Frank have family? Are there names of brothers, sisters, parnts for Frank or Anna? Thank you for your help. Have a good day. Rich Mather
J. Ben Tharaldson Tue Jan 14 23:04:21 1997 Looking for information regarding Karin Rohnebaek, born in 1860 in Hedemark, Norway. She came to America around 1877. She went straight to her uncle Torger Nelson's farm in Yankton county, South Dakota. Torger NELSON was born in Ringsaker, Norway and in 1866 was the first Norwegian elected to the legislature from Yankton. It is a family mystery why one day in 1880, she left the county and moved to Dunn County, Wisconsin. There she married Karl EVENSEN, but if you have any insight as to whether Karl may have been in Yankton or his family lived there, please let me know.

Dee Marsh Thur Dec 12 09:46:02 1996 I am researching John F. RICHARDSON, GOODROAD, STACY, HARTGRAVES, and WILKINSON surnames. Please contact me if any of these names are familiar to you.

Charles Quinn Mon Nov 18 14:59:35 1996 I am looking for genealogy on early pioneers of Yankton and Wakonda, SD. Specifically, James and John MAGNER and RYAN.

Donald Newcomb Wed Nov 6 06:34:35 1996 I am seeking information about a cousin, Martin Rath (b. 1904 - d. Dec 1976 in Yankton, SD) and his wife Rosabelle (b. 1916 - d. Jan 1981 also in Yankton). Martin had a twin brother, Fred (a.k.a. Fritz) who died Dec 1975 in Omaha, NE. I would like to locate any living descendants.

Nancy Russell Anderson Wed Aug 7 16:01.17 1996 Looking for information on the John SMITH family. They lived in Mennominee, NE but the children lived in Yankton at various times. Anna married Louis KASER; Margaret married Russell DEUHR; Plonia married Henry PLEVKA; Gerard married a HUBER; Peter went to WI; Gertie married a SCHMIDT and went to Canada; Marie married a WEBER; Lizzie a MORRMAN; and John worked in Yankton. Looking for information on any of them especially information about a store Gerard may have had around 1900 in Yankton. Related families in Yankton include: KLEINSCHMIDT, RULAND, KAST, SCHAEFER, ARENDS, GOEDEN, and HOESING.

Melody Reynolds Sun Jan 19 09:15:56 1997 I would like to exchange information with any descendants of Zina RICHEY. Supposedly he owned a hardware store in Yankton, possibly in the 1880s. I have lots of Richey information to share.

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