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Fall River County school teachers in 1913

Fall River County, South Dakota


This listing was taken from the Hot Springs newspaper, -- Oct. 23,1913.

Hot Springs District No. 1

Falls School÷Mrs. J.H. Fall

Elm Creek÷Miss Mabel Young


Cascade District No. 2

Craven÷Miss Maude Wray

Fairview÷Miss Celia Strouse

Coffee Flat÷Mrs. O. S. Hewitt

Piney Creek÷Miss Helena Peterson

Plum Creek÷Miss Alma Anderson

Maitland÷Miss Ethelyn Winne


Red Canyon District No. 3

Minnekahta÷Miss Alice Leavens

Miller School÷Mr. C.F. Bills


Oelrichs District No. 4

Homestead÷Miss Margaret Rickenbach

District School÷Miss Hazel Trelebien

Pleasant Valley÷Miss Edythe Pitts


Lithia District No. 5

Lithia School÷Mr. Paul Cope


Smithwick District No. 6

Ellsworth School÷Miss Loretta Barrett

Hay Canyon÷Mrs. Edith Lord

Smithwick÷Miss Blanche Schreckenghaust


Union District No. 7

Gilpin School÷Miss Frances C. Hartman

Thomsen School÷Miss Alice Vieno

Moody School÷Mrs. Maude Rubert


Duck Creek District No. 8

Cowell School÷Miss Laura Dittmer

Hill School÷Mrs. Grace Altemus

Fox School÷Miss Minnie Roe

Alcorn÷Miss Hilda Mogen


Banner District No. 9

Oelrichs School÷Mrs. H.J. Steele, Miss Marie Wilkinson


Burton District No. 11

Driftwood÷Miss Alice Tubbs

Red Canyon÷Miss Laura Bennett

Craven Canyon÷Miss Mary Humphrens


Beaver District No. 12

Oral School÷Miss Lillian C. Wall


Indian Creek District No. 13

Wallace School÷Mr. Wm. Wilson


W.G. Flat District No. 14

W.G. Flat School÷Mr. B.P. Dolliver


Harmony District No. 16

Ferguson School÷Miss Esther Dryden

Pleasant Hill÷Miss Grace Flickenger

Meadowbrook÷Mrs. F. H. Hamilton

Harrison÷Miss Ethel Harrison

Barton School÷Mr. Z. F. Williams

Logune School÷Mr. Arley A. Evans

Sunnybrook School÷Mr. James Simpson

New School÷Miss May Haynes


Eckard District No. 17

Eckard School÷Mr. Ivan Barkley

Coleman District No. 18

Humball School÷Miss Florence Ulton


Dryden District No. 19

Houghton School÷Miss Ethel Montgomery

Muhm School÷Miss Marion Lockwood

New School÷Miss Maude Hewitt


Ardmore District No. 20

Ardmore School÷Miss Jennie Forrest, Miss Charlotte Heberling


Robins District No. 21

One School÷Miss Minnie Tubbs


Argentine District No. 22

Argentine School÷Miss Marie Williams

Spencer School÷Mrs. Lillian Cheney


Harmony District No. 23

Pettegrew School÷Miss Myrtle Miller


Plain District No. 24

Mrs. Ida H. Pierce


Provo District No. 25

Provo School÷Mrs. Lora V. Wilson

Softwater School÷Mrs. Mabel Ertemiller


Lincoln District No. 26

Fairview÷Mrs. Alice Nielson

Morning Star÷Miss Martha Wellner


The following is a list of teachers that have charge of the schools in Edgemont for the coming school term: (1913)

Superintendent÷T.F. DeWane

Principal÷George S. Pierce

Assistant÷Hortense Stoddard

Eighth grade÷Alice Bennett

Sixth and seventh grades÷Laura Coleman

Fifth grade÷Maude Layman

Fourth grade÷Gertrude Coleman

Third grade÷Agnes Stack

Second grade÷Nellie Fitzgerald

First grade÷Mae Harris


Submitted by Irene E. Ferguson, county superintendent (1913)


Our thanks to Lucille Birkholtz and Peggy Sanders for sharing a copy for this website.

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