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Reference Books and Volunteers

To request a lookup from any of the references, click on the address of the owner and ask them politely.

As you can see, volunteers are needed.

I would like to remind you that the volunteers listed below have their own lives and responsibilities. They offer their information and assistance, because they feel it is as important to you as it is to them, but they are "volunteers". Please be courteous and patient.
Thank you, and Thanks to Lucille.


For Obituary Lookups in the
Hot Springs Star, please click  

 PLEASE NOTE: Before contacting one of the volunteers below, please be sure to provide as much information as possible to aid them in their research. Also, please include the county (Fall River) and town (if you know). Some of these volunteer researchers also volunteer for other counties, so they need to know which area to search in. Thank you!

 Owner's Email
(just click on name)

Fall River County History


Lucille Birkholtz

or Peggy Sanders

Fall River County Pioneer Histories

Fall River County Historical Society
Stu Marty
In the Shadow of the Butte, Oelrichs" (1984)

Lucille Birkholtz

 "Sunshine and Sagebrush, Oral-Smithwick History" (1976). 

Oral & Smithwick Historical Society
Lucille Birkholtz
Stu Marty

 "In the Shadow of the Butte" a history of Oelrichs 1984 - 720 pages, with pictures.

Oelrichs Historical Society
Marianne Busher

Mortuary Records 1894 to 1934 help finding exact date of death for obituaries.

Ellen Bishop

National Cemetery at Hot Springs Burial records.

Ellen Bishop

Rapid City Journal Obituaries -- for Fall River Lookups only please

Ellen Bishop

Edgemont Centennial 1890-1990

Anne I Cassens

Oelrichs History

Peggy Sanders

Edgemont History

Peggy Sanders
If others would like to help Lucille Birkholts, Marianne Busher and Ellen Bishop, we would love to have your imput and assistance. Please, just contact me and I will make arrangements to have you listed as a source of information for the Fall River website.

My sincere thanks to Lucille, Marianne and Ellen for their willingness to help us all trace our families back. -Stu-



Hot Springs Star Obituary LOOK-UPS

Lucille Birkholtz contacted the State Archives and they will perform searches for a modest fee. Here is their response, and a clickable URL to take you to their website.
As Always - thank you, Lucille!

RESPONSE: We have the Hot Springs Star and its predecessors, 1887-present.

There are a few gaps and missing issues, and some of the older film is poor quality.

We would be glad to have obituary searches referred here. We charge $5.30 to search one name and we need at least a month and year.

We can also loan the microfilm through interlibrary loan for $5.30 per roll for 30 days, up to 4 rolls at a time. For interlibrary loan it's best to call or e-mail here and get the correct title and roll numbers, then give that information to your local librarian. Of course you need access to a microfilm reader.

And, we sell copies of the film for $25.00 per roll. Several libraries in the state have received special appropriations or gifts so that they could obtain sets of film for their local newspapers.

Some additional information is located at our website,

State Archives:

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Richard Popp S.D. State Archives


Remember, we DO need MORE volunteers to help with Look-Ups. 


Stewart "Stu" Marty, County Coordinator - volunteer


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